Letters to Ithaca Greece from people that have visited this Greek Island in the Ionian.
Visitors Letters 2005
We welcome your letters. Write us with your Ithacan experience.
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Remember us two from Manchester? Well we stayed all of October and into November and experienced the wonderful 'Indian summer Ithaca had.......we'd just like to say how nice it was to meet you and thanks for taking our photo, the 'folks' back home thought it was a great way to see us while we were so far away from them. We continue to 'log on every few days and really appreciate the lovely photos on the site. A brilliant reminder to us of our 'idyllic time' on this precious isle. Thanks again.

Rob and Nita Manchester U.K


Hello everyone on Ithaki. It's been such a long time since I've got off that ferry in Vathy, but I log on a few times a week, and I get to keep in touch with my beautiful island. Now that your winter is just around the corner, I'll get to see Ithaki like I've never seen it personally. Keep up the good work and I'll be back one day.

Maria Melbourne Australia


Very informative site which made getting to the island and holidaying there very pleasurable. The speed in which you answered all our questions was very impressive. We have told all our friends about Ithaca.

James and Amanda - Wales


Thank you ithacagreece.com for all your help in planning our holiday to ithaca. We look forward to being part of your wonderful island next Summer, until then we will look in on you from time to time to be part of what seems an idyllic place to live.



Oh, Erika -Thanks so much for the link to http://www.arsenis.info/Music/music.htm!! I do not speak or understand Greek, but clicking on the links on the Spiros Arsenios page opened the most lovely songs - I have been playing them all, one by one. Don't know if there is a way to make payment, or if payment is even requested, but just love the site. Thanks for sharing it. AND, by the way - your site is soooo wonderful - I check "what's new" almost daily, and it is a lovely respite from the B*sh travails that we in the US are constantly being embarassed and irate about. I am also so appreciative of Rien's Ithaca blog/journal and webcam. Will I get back to Ithaki in 06? Don't really know, but would love to take the walk from Platrithia to Aphales, and get into that calm lovely water again. Cheers to you for your big huge performance piece that is ithacagreece.com - perhaps you could add the sound of your voice somewhere on the site - Efharisto! (spelling?)

Robin, San Francisco USA





A note of thanks.  I have just discovered Babelfish through your Ithacagreece website.  A boon to this linguistically challenged English-speaking South African of Ithacan descent.

Nick Maroudas SA


Hi, Just wanted to say Hi to Britta who looked after us when we were staying in Melissa's House last July.  Britta told us all about her cats and her life on Ithaca.  Britta you look like you are enjoying a well earned rest from the drudge of summer work.  Have fun and send me your news if you fell inclined.  Happy memories of Ithaca-can't wait to return one day.Enjoy the web site too feels like I'm there.  Get an insight into Island life after the crowds have left. Thanks Best wishes

Chris Veats


I am french Woman and i spend time in ithaki ( frikes) twelve days .i met wanderful people ; native and adoptive .Even in my fly to come back i met a man from vathi and coming into the fly in athenes i tell him ”aren't you from ithaki” “oh yes i am ,you have a very good memory! “ That was a man native who live in montreal and we spoke during the travel to paris ; that was so funny and so cute that man about 60' years old . Left itahaki was not so hard with him. Loves to everybody in your very beautiful garden island.

Marie josephe - France

Hello ithacagreece.com - I just wanted to congratulate you on the wonderful site about Ithaca. I fell in love with Ithaca for the first time 6 years ago, then there was nothing on the internet about this beautiful island, now with your wonderful site, I can visit any time I like. I'm getting on a bit now and can't travel with the frequency of earlier years, so this is a wonderful thing for me. I love all the photos, even the seemingly trivial, have meaning for me. Keep up the good work, I for one appreciate it very, very much.
Kevin Collins, UK
Hi there, My favorite area on Ithaca is around Dexa Beach. I haven't been to Ithaca for a couple of years, but your site keeps me in touch. The winter photos are very alluring and look just wonderful. It would be amazing to experience just one winter on the island, but alas there is too much work here in the US for me to take a trip to Ithaca during that time, so I am very grateful to at least experience some of winter through your lovely website. Thank you. Hello to Nico, who made my holiday there very memorable.
Francis, Boston USA
Dear Visitors Letters, It's been a really long time since I've been to Ithaki. My last trip was in 1992, and oh what a ball I had. There was Peter, George and a gorgeous blonde girl at the Bar in Frikes, where I admit I spent every night getting drunk with the rest of them before a trip to Vathy or that little disco up the road. I came across your site and all the memories of my great holiday came back to me. That's saying something with all the alcohol I consumed that summer. I hope to be back one day, until then I'll be visiting the site. It's really great!
Katey Foley, QLD Australia.
We'd like to wish everyone on Ithaca a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. We met so many wonderful people on our trip earlier this year and will be back next year. Happy Holidays!
Celeste and Colin, Ontario Canada
Hello Erika I wish for you the best for 2006 and I wanna say thank for every thing you did to me when I was in Ithaca I have a good memory from there.......Here my life continue I am not stop I continue teaching and make a many performances!!! So the best for you I wish see you one day again 

Eder Cardoso, Brazil

Happy New Year to you and Ithaca ! We have been to Ithaca the last 2 years. It is the first time we have gone back to a place 2 years running as we like to explore new places. Thing is, it is on the short list again for 2006! I fear if we do it again we might not leave. Have a good one on New Years Eve.

Ron Lentin

Hi  Erica and everyone of our friends on the island. Just to wish you all our love and thoughts for you for christmas and the new year. We will be back in september  (3 of us again)    

Terry ,Olive and Sara, UK

We wish to you a Merry Christmans and a healthy,happy and a lucky New Year !! Kind Regards

Aris & Nitsa Komninou

Hi Erika, just sitting here quietly, no TV on, reviewing the pictorial week on Ithaki ............ thanks again for keeping us all going over the Winter. Spent this afternoon in North London with Amelia and Panos, their 2 daughters and granddaughter. I just sent then the link to your site so Amelia could show them all "the Spavento twins" christening. Off to New York for Christmas - spending it with no.2 son and his wife - that leaves us clear to spend the next one in Kioni .......... looking forward to experiencing an Ouzo Sunday !!!!! Have a good festive season regards to all that know us.

Sue and Mike, UK

Hi, We wish you a Happy New Year at ithacagreece.com and continued strength to keep us informed of what's going on on the island, no matter where we are in the world.
Peter Black, USA
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