Letters to Ithaca Greece from people that have visited this Greek Island in the Ionian.
Visitors Letters 2005
We welcome your letters. Write us with your Ithacan experience.
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Please don't let 'them' shut you down!!! This is a wonderful website, its the best thing other than actually being there! Its like a little community rather than just a website.....So please forward this to the people in the "know" (very tongue in cheek)! Is it July yet?

Debbie Feighan, London UK


What a great way to keep up with everything we are missing out on, on the other side of the world.

Loula, Qld Australia


Thank you for this wonderfully arranged information on Ithaca. It helped us to organize our holiday in many ways and got us acquainted with some of the people before we went. Very good.

Ann and Tom, Manchester, UK


Hello, congratulations on an entertaining site. Since our friends, who visit Ithaca regularly, told us about the site, we have logged on 3 or 4 times weekly to see what's happening. We went to Ithaca and stayed in Vathi just a few days to visit our friends and I must say, it's a beautiful island. We were not disappointed. It was fun to follow some of the ways you had led us on the site in your special photo pages. We look forward to going to Ithaca again in the future.

Robert and Maggie, London UK


Hallo, very good site. We were in Frikes and you helped for us to find kioni for our walk to anogi and tell uns about many places of the insel. Thank you. Ithaka ist a very nice place for our holiday.

Brigitte and Peter, Koeln Germany


I have just returned from 6 months in Greece and visited Ithaca as I made my way around the Ionion. I was born in Australia and raised in the outback in Queensland, but am of Greek heritage. My mother is from Arta, western Greece with a distant connection to Ithaca. Travelling around Greece was such a wonderful experience for me. Far removed from the outback. Of course I did all my research on places to go via the net and when I came across your site, with all the colour and festivity that I was looking for in Greece, I just had to see it for myself. I saw many wonderful places (indluding Pelion which you have included in your travels) and met some wonderful people, but those I met on Ithaca, will stay in my memory forever. My 2 day stay turned into 3 weeks and it could easily have become 3 months, but alas I had to continue my journey. There is something special about the island that I didn't find on other islands, although they all had great beauty and warmth, they did not have the spirit. I would like to say that your site captures the spirit of what I feel for the island and gives me the opportunity to be reminded of that spirit each time I log on. You should consider expanding the Ithaca site to include all of Greece.

Tass, Australia


Congratulations on an entertaining site. Must say however, that some of the places you portray are better in the photographs than in reality.

J. Gordon, UK


Hello to good-natured people of Ithaca! BRAVO!!! When I saw Your web-site I felt like I am again down-there on Your marvellous island, enjoying in every part of it.People say you need all your life to visit every Greek island, which I attend to do, but Ithaca is worth to be seen at lest twice. I was delighted with beaches, mouseums, its history, restorants, with iremia, but trust me Ithac's people are something special, they give the special charme to this unique island!



My wife and I travelled to Ithaca in May this year - partly as a leg of our European trip, but mostly to trace her roots - her family migrated to New Zealand after WWII. What a beautiful place! We sailed in on the Kefallonia on a warm windless day, awestruck by those surrounding hills that fall steeply to the sea, hemmed by houses rooved in red and orange. The landscape here is so different from what we had experienced in the rest of Greece – so lush and green. Our stay on Ithaca was relaxing beyond what we had dreamed! We would wake up to a beautiful view over Vathy harbour, wander down for bereakfast, then either walk around the town or grab a car and explore the island further. We loved the food, the people, the fishing boats and the strong sense of tradition abut it all. We were warmly welcomed by the priest and entertained by the locals. We spent afternoons on the beach, swimming in that crystal clear water. Katharon was simply stunning. The view is something everybody should see, and the actual church inside the monastary is an elaborately decorated work of art; a tribute to the religion so deeply rooted in this culture. We visited Stavros, Frikes and Kioni - all strikingly different for such a small distance. The food was perfect - so beautifully rich, and cooked with those flavours that epitomise this part of the world. We will always remember this time on Ithaca. For those who find it boring - you're probably here for the wrong reason. Stop and think about why people come here. It's not for the clubs, parties and non-stop good times. It's for the tranquility that being in this paradise brings. It's for the real sense of culture one gets when meeting the locals (and before you say they are rude, think about your own approach!). I'm happy if the moaners stay away;it keeps this gem ever more welcoming for the people who love it.

Jeremy & Katerina, New Zealand


I am not going to bother you with compliments because, among other reasons, they couln't possibly describe the feeling I get each and every morning (weekdays, weekends, you name it) when I get a glimpse of my beloved homeland, I wanted to let you know that after I nearly passed out from laughing to your answer to the letter from P and W, I added to my do's: find you and shake your hand. Remember my last email? I don't have anything against the brits, but this strange pool phenomenon is real... Well, who cares, it's hard anyway to realize whether the place you are visiting is any good when you are drunk at 10 in the morning (ouzo in the sun is bad). I wish you all the best.

George Deftereos, Bari, Italy


Great island. Great site.

David P - London UK


Thank you so much for helping with our travel information. Your website was a great source to get us acquainted with Ithaca before we arrived and a helpful reference, once we were there. Really helpful, keep it up.

Pamela and Jason Doring - FL USA


Hello, my husband and I just loved Vathy. What a wonderful town with it's big bay and friendly people. We look forward to visiting again and again.

Kathleen and John Powers Manchester UK


To whom it may concern, your web page is really fascinating and helpful. It made our 2 weeks on Ithaca interesting. We met some of the people in the locals and visited places we would not have known to visit without the help of the information on the site. We wish all internet sites were as comprehensive as this. It would make our travels so much more detailed. Thank you.

John and Kirsten, NZ


Hello, we arrived back in Sydney yesterday morning, after 2 weeks in Ithaca. Your card was given to us by a barman at the Cafe in Kioni and I couldn't wait to get on the internet to remember our time on the island. It's just wonderful. We met so many great people and had such a wonderful time, that we will be keeping up with what's going on through the internet. Congratulations. It's a great site .

Karolin and Dominic, Sydney Australia


Ithaca is a nice island, but a little quiet and its' as hard to get around the island as it is to get to the island. My adivce to others is to hire some form of transport. Taxis are outrageously expensive and unreliable. My wife and I waited 2 hours for a taxi to take us from Frikes back to Kioni.

Jeromy, UK


Hello, if there were more sites like this, independent travelling would be a breeze. Thank you.

Colin CA USA


We had our first holiday in Greece and traveled quite extensively. It was by chance we met some people in Corfu who gave us your web address. We spent two days on Ithaca as a consequence. Beautiful island. Friendly community. We really loved it. In the future we will come back and stay longer.

Carmen nad Robert, Ontario Canada


Visit report from Dorothy and John - UK I'm back from my visit to Ithaki .  We arrived on the big blue Kefalonia on the 19 th June and spent two glorious weeks the perfect Greek isle.  We were based at the Captain Yiannis Appts in Vathi and we had the lovely Stephanos at our beck and call – font of all knowledge, good and bad.  Ithaki lived up to all of my expectations.  We walked it, we bused it and we hired a small boat and we drunk her sun and Ouzo.  We met many people and they all seem to know you, shame we didn't meet.  I'm best friends with Bovoulia (I Just know I've spelt that wrong) she is Gregory's daughter at the famed “Gregory's Restaurant”, what lovely people.  Had I been older I would marry Gregory (I know he already has a beautiful wife – just kidding). Bovoulia spoke highly of you, please give her my regards if you see her. Minimata beach was perfect for us early morning and late evening – nobody there !!!!!! beach to ourselves, who could wish for any better.  We would trek up to Minimata in the pitch darkness just to stare at the night sky and be blown away.  The big red moon rising over Vathi was a sight to be seen.  My favourite day has to be the day we hired our small boat, found a beach to ourselves for a few hours, then cruised over to Kioni for lunch and on the way back we had the pleasure of the company of dolphins. The whole island was magical and I will treasure my memories of Ithaki forever. Middle finger to all the sad people who fail to be captivated by her beauty and wonderful friendly people. I think we will be back!!!!!! Best Regards

Dorothy and John – Kent – UK


I have just got back from a 2 week holiday in Frikes with my husband, which to be honest I was dreading.  I had a operation on my foot 5 weeks before flying out and we were unsure whether to cancel or not.  This superb web site was invaluable and we are so glad that we made the trip.  Nicky and Andreas were so nice at the Nostos Hotel and the pool was fantastic, as the pebble beaches were too uneven for me to walk on.  We found prices to be very reasonable, the food excellent and everyone friendly.  The only slight problem you may have staying in Frikes is transport.  Taxis are a little expensive at around 2 euros per km, as they are the only way to get about as the bus is very infrequent.  And we were surprised that there were no water taxis in Frikes.  We would definitely book the convertible smart car again - so cheap to run.  Hope to come back next year for the superb walking that we missed out on due to my operation.  To Ron Douglas who thinks everyone is old on Ithaca - he obviously did not meet the sisters at Penelope's restaurant in Frikes!!       

Heath and Andy Sowden, Cumbria, UK


Your website is fantastic!!!! Everyone we met in Vathi while we were on Ithaca, knew it and raved about it. We will be entering the online home of Ithaca every opportunity we get. Thank you for all your efforts. It's great fun.
Mathew and Allison from New York USA
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