Letters to Ithaca Greece from people that have visited this Greek Island in the Ionian.
Visitors Letters 2005
We welcome your letters. Write us with your Ithacan experience.
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What a great site. Thank you for keeping us all informed and involved.

Judith Moraitis


Thanks so much. Keep on documenting the uniqueness of the island and its residence, migrants and visitors. Great work. I look forward to future pages of Summer Lodown especially as well as other rooms of your great website. It is growing in popularity with friends around me...probably over 20 more have visited your website who otherwise never would just to see the wedding photos. Fond regards

Spiro & Paola - Melbourne, Australia/ Athens Greece


Since our holiday on Ithica, we have looked at the webpages a real lot and have told all our friends about it. It's really great to have something to remind us of our holiday. Thanks heaps.

Katy and Janet Bowden - Queensland, Australia .


Hello there. My husband and I would just like to congratulate you on this fantastic web site. We appreciate all the effort and thank you for keeping us in touch with Ithaca.

Robyn and Tom Brooks


Congratulations!! A great website and a wonderful source of information. I have watched this site grow and grow and am in awe of the amount of work and continuous updating that is done. Give yourself a pat on the back. You deserve it! I enjoy the humour and look forward to the next Winter pages, my favourite. Other tourist sites should take a leaf from your book. We want more than just room booking and car hire, we want to get a feel for the place we holiday, and you have achieved that. I am biased, I admit, as my love affair with Ithaki is a long one, but still you give us all the opportunity to be there even when we aren't and give us all a chance to participate in the days on Ithaca all throughout the year. Again Thank you!

Marcus Richardson - UK


Hello, I am urged to write to you in regards to the treatment I was given on your island. I did not find the people friendly or helpful, if anything they went out of their way to be rude. This was true in all the towns I visited during my 2 week stay. I spent good money and in return I should have some satisfaction that my holiday was worth it, but there is no such satisfaction. I have sent a letter of complaint to the Company that I travelled with and they have apologised for this terrible situation I endured during my stay on the island. I will not recommend it to any of my friends and I will personally not visit again.

A. Stewart - Manchester, UK


Great site! I adored Vathi where my husband and I stayed for 1 week in August. The boats in the harbour, the cafes and the taverns. Very picturesque. As a non-smoker, my only problem was that nearly everyone smokes, but apart from that we had a great time. Keep up the good work on the site. We log on often.

Alice and John - Melbourne, Australia


I have been intending to write to you for ages but haven't got round to it... Firstly, thank you for your wonderful website. I look at it every day and get great pleasure from it, especially your beautiful photos. I felt familiar with the people and places before I had even set foot on the island. We spent a week on Ithaca in May - our first visit to Greece -  and we fell in love with it. It was even more beautiful than we had imagined and so unspoilt and unaffected by tourism - long may it remain so!  We stayed in Vathy and loved the atmosphere of the town, especially as it was early in the season and there were few tourists around. We particularly enjoyed wandering around the harbour and backstreets in the evening and eating at different tavernas. One day we walked from Minimata to Gidaki beach and I thought it was one of the most idyllic places I had ever been to. We also enjoyed exploring the quiet villages like Exogi and Anogi. We found the people very pleasant and friendly, especially when we tried to learn a few words of Greek. We have fallen in love with Ithaca and will definitely be back for another holiday - we drank from the spring at Kalamos so we have to return! In the meantime, we look forward to visiting your "winter on Ithaca" pages.

Liz and Brian,  Suffolk, England


Hi, My parents were Ithacan. I live in Sydney. I was shown your website and having looked at it a few times... I think it is a great idea. And you are very creative. Some information is interesting and it's good to look at some of the pics of people and interesting  sites. Of course, as with everything in this life, some pics and info are great and interesting, but some aren't. However, you are very thorough in your info. My mum passed on nearly 5 months ago, here in Sydney. Her name: Dimitra Stamell (nee Pefani), originally of Exoghi. My dad (originally from Kollieri), passed on more than 23 years ago. So now, not having any parents or blood related aunties or uncles alive, I have even more interest and drive to go to Ithaca at least one more time for a holiday to see all my cousins, relos, the houses and all the beautiful scenery. As I can see from some of the pics and info, geeeee Ithaca has changed a lot! The people, tourism, and other businesses which I would have never imagined existed there, are now running. Don't know if it's a good thing or a bad thing. Maybe a bit of both! Anyway, I just had to drop a line and tell you I am following your site from here... and I think you are a very skillful person with your layout and ideas. Regards

Anastacia Stamell Machado


Hi Ithaca Web site, Congratulations, what a wonderful Web site. I have looked at everything you have on this site and am most impressed. I did get quite a shock when I opend the information on Aggelos Kalinikos. There was sitting a mirror image of my brother. This is not really surprising as my Grandfather migrated from Kioni, Ithaca to Australia in 1902. His name was John Peter Kallinikos. Aggelos has to be related. I really wish I could talk to him and find out if there is a connection. Thank you for a wonderful Web site. Cheers

John Caling, Canberra Australia


Thank you for keeping our dear Ithaca clear in our minds when we are so far away. With your lovely photos we can travel through all the villages we love and remember our times there. Your site is invaluable to us. Again thank you! '

Lydia Mavro, FL USA


We fell in love with Ithica during our visit in May and have visited your site since our return to bleak UK. One day we wish to buy a little cottage there and look forward to being part of that friendly community, especially in the North island. Your site is our life line to sanity in a crazy world. Keep up the good work, it's very appreciated by us.

Denise and Martin, London UK


This is the best website I have seen on any place. I even use this as an example of a good use of  a website to my students. Any town in Australia would be proud to be presented through a committed site such as this. As a descendant of Ithacan parents (Kollieri and Lahos) neither of who had managed to return, this this site provides timely and relevant information. My Ithacan friends and rels all check it out on a regular basis. My last trip there was in 1985 in which year I managed to produce a video of Ithaca. Now in 2005 I am in the process of re-editing it. With some luck, I may be able to revisit in 2006. Keep up the good work on this site.

George Stamell, Australia


Hello There, I have just returned from visiting your beautiful town and although I found it quite appealing, I am a bit dissapointed to see that not one visitor has mentioned my favorite village....Frikes.  Although a bit on the small side, I found it to be the most beautiful place there and hope to someday return and add one more house to it.  I realize that this might not be possible for me financially at this point in time but there's always hope.  Perhaps I could even get myself a houseboat which I could live on and keep a constant vigil ( although from afar) of the town which is so memorable to me. Whatever happens in the future is always an uncertainty, but, I still hope that I can find my way back there someday, even if only for a visit.  My time there was short, to say the least, but as long as there is a tomorrow, there is still a chance for me. In closing I would like to say that I really did enjoy my time there....the landscape was truly beautiful, the weather was perfect (even for October!)  and the people were quite friendly.  I stayed at the Omikron hotel and was so satisfied with the accomodations that I will definetely keep it in mind for my next visit.  I met many of the locals and two stand out in my mind.  Both were shopkeepers...Mr. Spiro Grivas, from whom I purchased all my souveniers and Mr. Yiorgo Rosini, from one of the small supermarkets there.  It was a pleasure meeting both of them. My dear friend, Maria Tzimas who accompanied me on this trip along with her husband, Panos Tzimas (born in Vathy....family all still there) has been composing a photo album of memories for me.  It will be something that I will have to remind me of my time there, even though the memories are already stored in my mind and my heart. Best Regards to all of Ithaka.

Alberto Vosilla,  Amityville, New York


We had a great, but quiet time on Ithica. We hope to go back next year, but at a busier time. October is just a little quiet for us. The views are amazing however, and it's worth seeing your island simply for the pleasure of that.

Dennis and Gloria Manchester, UK


Hello. I'd like to say that Vathi is just about the most beautiful greek town I have ever seen. I will be back to see more of the island on my next holiday. For now, I am happy to know that there are still places so traditional and so picturesque in the world of holiday packages. Til next year!

Joseph from London UK


Great site, congratulations!!!! What a pleasure to get behind the tourist facade and straight to the real thing. Other sites should take a leaf out of your book. Great work. Keep it up.

T. B. Carrington, USA


Hi, the only thing I hate about Ithaka is that each year it steals away all my friends...at least I can keep up with what they're up to on the site. Thanks

Allison - Melbourne, Australia


I was born in Ithaki, Stavros, and although my years have been spent in faraway lands, New York, I keep Ithaki close and dear to my heart. Your site puts a smile on my face when at the end, of a particularly difficult day, I take a few minutes off, to browse and see what is going on in the island. It is particularly rewarding when I see people and places I know and love. Keep the good work, I hope to meet you one of these days and express my appreciation in person.

Irini Alexandropoulos Collins NY USA


  Degsy in Kioni, last week in September 2005. What a great time I had. Thanks.
The winds here are becoming hot now.... Summer is around the corner. We are so close., yet so far away. just in case, for one minute, you might forget us... well, we don't forget, we all visit your site every day. Every day, we see friends & relatives on ithaki, we find out the news, we feel very much part of you and Ithaki. Like everyone else around the planet keeps on saying.... keep up the great work, people like you will be rewarded.
Spero, Newcastle Australia. Patrico spiti, Lefki. Ithaki 
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