Letters to Ithaca Greece from people that have visited this Greek Island in the Ionian.
Visitors Letters 2005
We welcome your letters. Write us with your Ithacan experience.
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Hi there, I occasionally look at your site, maybe out of some macabre need to revisit the past, I don't know. I was on Ithaca in 2002. Don't know what the hoo ha is with this place or your site. Sure it's a an ok island, but nothing like Mykinos or Crete. The way people go ga ga over your site in the visitors letters is beyond me. It's just a website for gods sake. Could you use any more color? and who wants to see who's on the island in summer. Who cares. I didn't find the people friendly, for the most part anyway, and the prices were too inflated. Lucky you don't have a web page on Cephalonia. I could really go nuts on complaining there.
Editors note: Thanks Jerry. Always happy to piss someone off.
To the web person. What great memories of our holiday that your site inspires. So many familiar places and so many faces we recognise. The great thing is that you update so regularly. We are never bored and always eager to see everything new that's included. Thank you.
Mike and Samantha, Melbourne Australia
Hello, Great site you have! We are getting in the right mood for going on holiday to Ithaca. We will be staying on Itaca from may 30 till june 13th in Byron House in Kioni.
Walter and Esther, Netherlands
Hello, We met you earlier this month, (April 05) and you gave us your card on the ithaca website. How we wish we had found this site earlier. My wife and I only had a short week there and it would have been just great to have visited some of the places you have on the site. We are hikers, well not really, but we do like to walk everywhere, and apart from the roads we passed and walked up, it was quite difficult to find paths for walkers. There is no tourism office in Vathy where we stayed. Is this the formal Ithaca site? Should you not set up an office for people like us who do not come to the island for the beach and sun, but to discover the landscape? Again, it is such a shame we were not equipped with all this information when we were there.
Mr. K and J Penrith

Editos note - This is not the official Ithaca site. The official Ithaca site is run by the local Ithacan government, Dimos Ithakis, their web address is - www.ithaki.gr

To the editors, Well done on such a fantastic web site. You have really made everyone proud. I'm from ithaki too. From the Drakoulis family from my mothers side. We have the Drakoulis house at the mylos. I was born in Athens and moved abroad when I was 1. Been living in England for many years now. But have come back every summer to ithaki. Its my home town. Looking through your local section and reading about all my friends was just fantastic. all the info is so genuine and from the heart. You truly have made a master piece. I now look forward to being home again in the summer.
Many regards Alexi Argyris (Drakoulis)
It's nearly time for us to come to Ithaca. Thank you for keeping us in touch with everything happening on the island. You have no idea how much that brightens up our lives. thank you
Nick and Kate, UK

wow............. we have never experienced an easter like that. It really was something quite special. It was great to meet you although very briefly on the steps of the church in Kioni. The trip was much too short but made even more memorable by "breaking ground" on the home we are going to build in Kioni. Cant wait to return in July

kind regards Mike & Sue UK

Just one week today and we will be back on your island .we tick the hours off every day to our arrival and your wonderfull web site is opened every night to see what is happening and what the weather is like.See you all on the 21may.Love to you all.

Olive and Terry Dover England

Hi, what a fantastic website, I only discovered it today and I find it very interesting. My family on my mothers side originates from Ithaki. My Great Grandparents were Spiros and Zaharenia Stamelatos. My mother was born and grew up in Vathy in a house on the foreshore near the entrance to the bay leading into Vathy. My mother her sister and my Grandmother Antonia Ferentinos left Ithaki after WW2  to travel to the "Ends of the Earth" to another group of Islands - New Zealand, where my grandfather Kallinicos had set up a business and where I was eventually born.Though I am sad to say I have never been to Ithaka, I hope to one day But I am proud to say that my daughter and her husband are there now looking for her roots and they just love it and consider Ithaki a very special place. The first Greeks to settle in New Zealand at the begining of the 20th Century were from Ithaki. Once again congratulations on having such an excellent site and I look forward to revisiting it again in the future.

Regards from down under Emmanuel Makarios

I ts only four days to wait for our 3rd visit to Ithaca!! We cannot wait to return to beautiful Ithaca, it has been brilliant visiting your website to keep up with all that is happening there. We came last May for our honeymoon, returned in September and are coming back 22nd May 2005. Ithaca is part of us now, I have visited many places including other Greek Islands, but none as lovely and captivating as Ithaca, she has here own charm and beauty and it moved us to tears when we had to leave, it feels like home. To ensure part of us stays on her shores, we carved our names and date on a pebble and threw it together in the sea as the ferry left Piso Aetos on our last visit!! It will always be our special place, we hope to live there one day!! See you all Sunday!!!

Mick and Mandy, Lincolnshire UK
Hello, congratulations on your site. My wife and I have only had a day trip to ithica, but we thought it was such a nice place. Still very traditional compared to the other places we saw on our day trips from Cephalonia. We have just recently discovered this site and it makes us regret we didn't think to spend more time there. Next holiday we hope to do just that.
Andrew and Katie, Man UK
Congratulations on your site and thank you for keeping us all up to date with what's happening on Ithaki.
Peter Melbourne, Australia
Hi, We really miss Ithaca and are looking forward to this summer. Can't wait !!! Keep up the good work and say hi to our cousins for us (Poppy, Nektario and Julia)
Jerome and Poppy - Athens, Greece
Since mailing you in March, I have continued to check the site out most days. It has helped the wait for our holiday more bearable, thanks. We will be staying at the Penelope apts in Vathy for two weeks from 5th June and hope to bump into you at somepoint during our stay. I know from your site that you have a wicked sense of humour, so thought you might enjoy this poem. It could be about any Greek Island really! Click here to read Jakkis Poem
Best Wishes, Jakki
Hello to beautiful Ithaca. How wonderful it is to visit you again and again through this site. We stayed in Stavros on our last visit at a beautiful estate called Mazourka. It was a special treat for us as my husband and I celebrated our 20th Anniversary together. It was paradise. I have read through many of the letters and when I read about unfriendliness, I just can't imagine it. Everyone we met was just wonderful. Ithaca and the people, made our holiday one to remember. Thank you
Wendy and Jonathan
Hi Hope all is well with you.  Have been keeping up with the Ithaki news via your web-site, love seeing all the familiar faces.  We are spending the summer here in the UK (wet and windy so far) waiting for our house here to sell.  Hope to be back in NZ in about three months time to begin our next project, whatever that may be.  We are still missing the Island and our friends.  Say Hi to Meropi and Olympia (ask her where our letter is we have written twice!!) and Poppy and Nektarious. Tell Niko I'm glad to see the sign up at last and congratulate them on the forthcoming event! Keep up the good work. 
Lyn & Derek, Devon UK
Hello there, all year I have been planning to come to Ithaki and unfortunately have had to put my plans on hold due to work committments. Your site is both bitter and sweet. I have the chance to catch up with everything on the island which is great, but it is also a constant reminder of what I'm missing out on. Oh well, head down, work hard, get through the year and just hope it passes by quickly. Keep up the good work.
Con, NJ US
Hello to ithaca in greece. I have been enjoying your site for many, many months and I am amazed how much you manage to include. Reading through the letters I know this is a one man show. Congratulations on your committment to the island. We all know how special Ithaki is to us and how we like it just the way it is (no mainstream tourism) You give such a varied insight into the life of the island, it really is to be applauded. Recently in your Tell me about it letters, you had criticism about the site. Don't listen. People are always envious of something good. I have friends who have never been to Ithaki and even they enjoy looking through the site. We all love the humor and your candid expression. As far as travel guides, island guides are concerned, this site is at the top of my list. Again Congratulations!!
Anthony, Australia
A wonderful site. So many memories, so many faces. Keep up the good work.
Geoffrey , London UK
I am coming to Ithaca in September and I am so pleased to have found your site on the internet. I feel like i am acquainted with the island already. Congratulations. Many sites are purely concerned with accommodation and never go into any great detail about the place and it's the place that interests me and naturally, the people. I am really looking forward to going there, meeting the people and visiting the villages of which you have such lovely photographs. Having just looked at the Calendar, the only thing I regret about visiting in September is that I will miss most of the Festivals. Hope to meet you in September to be on the Who's Here.
Jennifer Harrison, Florida US
Hi there, we have just arrived back from yet another fantastic holiday on Ithaca, our 3rd visit in 12 months!! We have already booked to return next year. Once again we were delighted with everything, the friendly people, beautiful scenery that still can bring tears to our eyes, the swimming, the coves, the delicious food. We felt like locals, people recognise us now. It is our dream to have a house on Ithaca in the near future, I cant think of a more special place to live!! Thank you Ithaca and your people, you are fantastic!!We will keep in touch through this brilliant website, we visit it daily!!
Mandy and Mick, Lincolnshire, UK
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