Letters to Ithaca Greece from people that have visited this Greek Island in the Ionian.
Visitors Letters 2005
We welcome your letters. Write us with your Ithacan experience.
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Hi, love your site. I lived on Ithaka from 1998 to 2002, this site bring back all the good memories. I worked for a fantastic family in Vathi The Dellaportas of Delas tours, they are now my second family fantastic people. Could you please send me some photo from the carnival i love showing people where the best place in Greece is. The ones on this site would be perfect. (p.s.) Hopefully will return this summer.

Regards, Michael Pagoulatos


I am trying to piece together my grandfathers family. My grandfather was Ilias (Elia) Dellaportas married to Dionysia Dellaportas nee Moraitis. My understanding is that Ilia was one of three brothers and he was "asked to leave" the family as he was a bit of a rebel, l am happy to be corrected on this information.   I recently read Andreas Anagnostatos book and Dellaportas is not a common name and other than my direct relatives it appears there are no other Dellaportas families. My grandfaher lived in Agios Yainnis, but l believe he is from Vathy, his son Themos and his family are still in Ithaca as are three of my cousins, Apostoli, Leo and Spiro Dellas.    While l am here, can any one fill me on the Paizis Family, my grandfather was Yioryio (George) he was the youngest of eight children the eldest brother being Nick and my great aunt Thora is still living in Kioni. They were from Kioni, l am interested also in the origins of the names as they are uncommon Ithacian names..  With so many living relatives in Melbourne where l live, you may ask, why l am requesting this information. Basically l am trying to put the puzzle together as we only get bits and pieces of information, and sadly age and faded memories are hindering the process. It would be terrific to put a family tree and history down for my children and that of there cousins. If you have any information please email me at, any information or stories would be greatly appreciated. tinadellas@optusnet.com.au Thank you and if you read this and you know one of my relatives say hello to them, even Leo, he knows what l mean. Yasou P.S Love the website

Tina Dellas Melbourne Australia


My grandfather was from the island and I am trying to find any family which may remain any understand more about my what happened to my grandfather's family. Please could you provide me with advice of whether there is anybody in Ithaki who can provide me with any information in terms of family records. My grandfather's name was Anastassios Dracatos. What makes this interesting is that I know that the normal spelling of the name is Drakatos. When I was in the island in September 2001, I was introduced to a Dmitri Dracatos in Vathy who claimed that he was my grandfather's brother. I do not speak Greek, but Dmitri could speak some english. Unfortunately, Dmitri was old and it was difficult for me to get much information from him. I do not know if he is still alive. I remember that he used to go to the ferry each day and get flowers to distribute to some shops in Vathy. I also noted the name Moraitis from your website. I know that my grandfather's mother's surname was this. I have e-mailed those people with this name I could find and asked if they know whether they are related to me. I hope that you are able to help me in furthering my desire to understand my Ithaki rootes a bit better. I was close to my grandfather as a child and I am doing this for myself and because I know this would please him. Nobody else in my family has ever tried to find out more. Thank you. Ryan Dekke r EMAIL RYAN DEKKER


Hello, Great site you have! We are getting in the right mood for going on holiday to Ithaca. We will be staying on Itaca from may 30 till june 13th in Byron House in Kioni. We are wondering what the possibilities with public transfer are. Is it possible to go on the bus from Kioni to the other towns on the island? (and get back to Kioni...)? We aren't able to hire a car or bike. We hope you can tells us more.  (There is a daily bus service. Query answered by reply to sender)

Thank you Walter & Esther


Ithica looks like such a friendly and wonderful island. My husband and I go on the site nearly every day and we look forward to our holiday there in July.

Cheryl and Thomas Bowden, UK


Hello, we have been looking into holidays to do with eco tourism. Ithaca has come up a few times in our search through other websites. We have been considering Perahori, so it was a delight to see your picture of the view from this village on your winter pages. Our minds are made up. We are coming to Ithaca. Ps - Great website. It's like we will be going to an island we already know very well.

Glenda and Tim - Perth, Australia


Hello there. What a refreshing website. With all the corporate business pages that tell you very little about anything and really have little to offer someone looking for a holiday, it was a great pleasure to come across your site with such useful information and detailed description of your islands' culture. If Ithaca is the gem of the Ionion than your site is the gem of cyberspace. Excellent work and thank you to everyone at Home Ithaca Greece. Please keep it up. It makes a great archive for the future.
Santos Vlassopoulos - South Africa



Hi, I was reading through the letters and spotted Lucky's comment about the fig tree. the attached sums it up well, Lucky, Metaxa Pete, Elias, Gerrry some visitors and Babbis in his pre- ships waiter days. The hair blowing in the foreground is my wife Sue's. Its so true what Lucky says, once you find Polis beach, you go nowhere else.

kind regards Mike Bennett


What a great website!  I've been really enjoying it.  My family is building a house in Vathi (which is close to being finished) it is located on the northern side of the Bay, below the church.  We spend as much time as possible on Ithaki and its great to be able to check your site and get updates.  Be well and keep up the good work. You may be interested in our family's story of how we came to Ithaki. About 60 years ago, my grandparents were working in Europe after thewar.  They were in Athens when they met another young couple who were from Ithaki, and who invited them to come and visit (at that time Americans were a little more popular with the Greeks). My grandparents went to Ithaki and ended up staying for several months.  One day my grandfather was taking a walk with his friend on the road from Frikes to Kioni, and his friend said to him: "My cousin is selling that piece of land for cheap."  My grandfather bought it that day and always had the dream of building a house on the land, but unfortunately was never able to do so.  Since then, the land has become part of a nature reserve and there are building restrictions.   But, to keep my grandfather's dream alive, our family purchased another piece of land in Vathy, upon which we are now building a house.  Anyhow, we are excited to be a part of the Island's community.

Aaron S. Kiviat, USA


Hello, what an informative site. It's so easy to plan a holiday on Ithaca using it as a reference. Keep up the good work.

Mandy and John, London


Congratulations! I think your site has to be the most popular among the Ithacaecians of the world. On behalf of every ex-pat living abroad who is not able to visit Ithaki whenever they want, I want to tell you how much your work is appreciated. Keep it up please.



The more we get, the more we want. Please put some photos of Dexa beach on your site. I have looked everywhere, but there are no pics of this wonderful beach near Vathi. Besides that, I think the site is wonderful. Keep up the good work.

Fiona Harold, UK


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