Letters to Ithaca Greece from people that have visited this Greek Island in the Ionian.
Visitors Letters 2003
We welcome your letters. Write us with your Ithacan experience.
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We've just arrived back from a wonderful week in Vathy to our jealous friends in London who had discovered your website in our absence. What a joy to see all those lovely photos to remind us of our special time on Ithaca. When will you add more locals from Vathy? We met some wonderful people there. Keep up the good work.

Brian and Kate, UK

I came alone and I left with a new friend. My stay on your beautiful island has changed my life. Thank you Ithaca...A very happy woman.

(asked to have name withheld)

Please find attached an article that appeared in the Greek newspaper in South Africa regarding my father. He is widely known for his incredible memory as this article attests. I look forward to the other stories that you plan to add to your site. CLICK HERE TO VIEW ARTICLE (in Greek only) Nicholas N. Patricios, PhD

Hello, my girlfriend Kat and I just found your great website. We would have loved to have our photos in the Who's Here. We were in Vathy for a week in early August, before going to Cephalonia where we spent the greater part of our holiday. We should have stayed in Vathy. We're coming back to Ithaca next Summer, get your camera ready for two gorgeous blondes from Mancheste looking for trouble. Jules and Kat

Hello, I am planning a trip to Greece for late September and came across your fabulous site. Ithaca looks like the ideal place for me to spend my time. I'm a myth buff so who would not be lured by the island of the Odyssey. I'm impressed that through the site, I can organize it all and see the local people and how you all seem to enjoy yourselves at the festivals. Looking forward to a memorable Greek experience. Jeromy, Christchurch New Zealand

Hi guys, Just a quick message to say what a great job you are doing with this site.My name is Nic Raftopoulos fro m Mellbourne and was in Ithaca last year, and will be back 2004.My dad, Denis, is in Frikes right now and staying till end of Sept. Keep up the good work i wish i was there drinking at Bemenis and relaxing by water!!
Nic, Melbourne, Australia

My daughter and I just spent a lovely 10 days in Vathy. It's just the place to get back all the things families miss out on during their busy lives. Our batteries are recharged and we're ready to face another year of city stress. We look forward to keeping up with all the news on Ithaca through your site. Anastasia and Olga, Boston US )Not of Greek, but Russian heritage)

Hi, Some of this info might be handy for your ithaca ionichost site. The Camerons photos (Doris and Kerry) and the Davias (Spero and Liz, his wife, Effie and husband Stewart Roach) were taken August this year...also some from previous visiti plus the history of the island. As usual, Ithaki was brilliant again, our 6th trip since 1992, the 2 Stavros festivals and Platithia magnificent long nights and Kouvoulia water so clear. Keep up the good work on the site, it fills in time thinking about returning. Regards, Stewart Roach

Just a quick hello from Sam and Leah. We are very impressed with the Ithacan sight. We can see you have put a lot of work and effort into this project. I hope lots of people get as much pleasure from it as we did from it. Melbourne, Australia.

Back in Oz at the coalface and checked out your website. I had such a great time on Ithaki, meeting the locals and all the Aussie visitors. I drank the waters so I suppose that means I shall return...:-) Miss the island very much, particularly now I'm back in Perth, where they tell me it has been raining ever since I left. Since returning, I have been buying up stocks of big beans and Greek yoghurt to remind me of the island. Sadly, bastard Australian Customs pinched my Cephalonian honey off me, so a warning to all Aussies!

Alan Becher, Perth Australia
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