Letters to Ithaca Greece from people that have visited this Greek Island in the Ionian.
Visitors Letters 2007
We welcome your letters. Write us with your Ithacan experience.
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We had another wonderful week on Ithaka and would like to thank you for your help and advice. We are also very grateful to   Yiorgos at Kioni boat hire and the Calypso restaurant in Kioni for making our holiday so enjoyable. We very much hope to return.

Jan and Christopher Balogh

Lovely island, beautiful views and very friendly people. We thoroughly enjoyed our 2 week holiday.

Phillip and Kate Dempsey

My husband and I very much enjoyed our holiday on Ithaca. The only complaint was that it was very, very hot and no sand on the beaches. Other than that it's a worthwhile place to holiday. We will definitely be recommending it to our friends.

Mr. and Mrs. Pierce London UK


Hello, congratulations on a very informative site. My children and I were on Ithaca in June and had a wonderful time. We are nature lovers and so Ithaca was ideal for us. We walked almost every day along paths that led into the mountains and to the top of the island and would recommend anyone wanting a holiday with their family to go to Ithaca. It's a friendly island with alot to offer.

Marianne, Sasha, Penelope and Alexander AUS

Oh how wonderful that tradition is not completely lost in Greece. Ithaca is absolutely the best island I have been to in Greece!

Samantha Barker US

Viele hertzlichen gruesse Ithaka. Eine wunderschoene Insel. ich habe so viele gute Erinnerungen!
Gabriele Meinholt Deutschland (Germany)

Contratulations on an informative web page. We managed to travel independently for the first time this year and as a result saved ourselves alot of money. Thank you!

Brian and Meredith

Ithaki is in my heart and runs through my blood. It's the most amazing island in Greece with more than enough friendly people to make everyone feel welcome. I miss you Ithaki!!!
Misha UK

Hello Ithaca! We enjoyed our time there. We hired a car and went around all the villages and as many beaches as we could find. The weather was hot, but thankfully the beer was cold. The Cave of the Nymphs was a disapointment, but who cares, the view was great from there! Filiatro beach was our favorite and Kalkanis restaurant had the best food, Drosia coming a close second (only because it was in the hills). The BIG Mansion with the pool in Vathi town made us feel like we were living the lifestyle of the rich and famous and the walks around the bay on sultry nights had me and my husband rekindling the flame that took 23 years to put out. We had a memorable holiday and we hope to go back one day in the not too distant future.

Emily and Greg Carlson AU
Hello ithacagreece.com Unfortunately I think the web page is better than the island. Not a bad place to holiday, but not that great either. I'll be sticking to Greek Greats like Santorini and Mykonos.
Leo Rittle Brit in Italia
Dear Erica, thank you for your help with my mother. You made us feel very secure with your reassurance. It was a pleasure meeting you albeit the circumstances were rather stressful. Mum is now back on her feet and sends you her regards. The doctor said it was a bad spasm and we are grateful she has not injured her back permanently. Thanks again.
Di Manning AU
Glad to see you still have the energy to have a rant on the website! Mel and I have bought a share in a new boat 'Colombine of Chichester' and we come out to Lefkas on this Sunday to sail her for the first time. We will have our friend Liz with us (ex Ausie, you should get on). Probably be in Ithica during our first week (weather permitting) to to see you all. If you see Nek and Poppy, could you please let them know. Hope you are all keeping well. Kind regards
Paul and Mel Bowden Wales
Merry Christmas and a Happy New to everyone on Ithaka. One day I would like to be on the island for Christmas and enjoy the Season in person. Thank you for your great work.
Hello Erika. We so enjoyed our holiday on Ithaca this past summer and met some wonderful people. We wish you all a very Happy Christmas and a successful New Year. Thank you for letting us enjoy our holiday long after it was over through your wonderful web site.
Karen and Phillip Duvall CA
Just wishing you A VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS and thanking you for keeping going on the site. Its a good start to every day in the office. We're still hopeful to spend a christmas on Ithaca one day. Thanks for your patient help and good efforts on the island. Best Christmas Wishes
Di & Gerard UK

Liebe Freunde, Schön ist es, wenn Menschen den gleichen Weg gehen, den gleichen Klang Ihrer Seelen vernehmen und aus dieser Harmonie Kraft, Freude und Vertrauen schöpfen! Auch große Entfernungen und Ereignisse vieler Jahre können daran nichts ändern. Möge die Wärme und das Licht der Weihnachtstage während des gesamten Neuen Jahres spürbar sein. Gesundheit und alles Gute für 2008 wünschen Euch .

Uli und Werner Austria

We would just like to send our love and best wishes for Christmas and the New Year to you and all our friends on Ithaca. We look forward to being back on Ithaca and seeing everyone again next May. A big THANK YOU to you for keeping us in touch with the Island when we are not there.  We miss it and everyone (especially our good friend Dimitris (Danis) very much. Kind regards  

Pat, Terry and Cameron Kelly.
Wishing you and Dimitri a very happy christmas, and keep up the good work! We're lovin all the winter pics! It's minus five degrees here with a crisp white frost outside and Bing Crosby would be proud of our decorations. Love to all on Ithaki. See you in 2008
Trish and Mike x

All the very best for a merry christmas and a happy new year to you both. We have had a restful and quiet Christmas day in Whitby by the sea although the temperature has only risen to 4 degrees. We enjoy logging in and catching up with the news and weather on your website, thanks for updating it over the winter. We hope you are enjoying the festive season on Ithaki. Best wishes

Pam and Doug
Very best wishes to everyone on Ithaca for the New Year.Love your website, cant wait to be back on your beautiful island in May 2008.Regards
Sue and Steve West Yorkshire.

Hello there, beautiful Ithaca of all times! Hi to you, Erika, that you have the name of my little daughter! I've been to Ithaca several years ago on a vespa (scooter) tour of the island during my honeymoon. We ate the best lobster ever in Kioni I still can't forget. What I remember is an island full of trees, so much green, and the gorgeous colour of the sea. Of course that happened in 1984, since then I've divorced the vespa guy, I've wandered around Greece and abroad, lived in Canada for almost ten years, had three beautiful girls (one attending university in Corfu), my little Erika (six yrs old) was born in Toronto having spanish roots. Spent time in the south of France (Nice), recently came back from Dublin , Ireland , currently living in a town not too far from Ithaca , it's called Nafpaktos where I've inherited my grandma Theodora's house. In Canada I've studied Costume Design and Fashion Evolution in college and worked as a theatre/drama instructor in english schools. I've designed costumes for dolls and showed them on TV. In summer 2006 I exhibited a vast collection of dolls from more than sixty countries, all in traditional costume. I hope in the near future I'll be able to organise an exhibition in Ithaca too. I saw on the website there is a Folklore Museum , ideal location! I would love to go to Ithaca even for a couple days, what would you suggest for sth.affordable? I like small places with nice rooms, not fond of big hotels. I'm thinking a little getaway trip maybe next weekend with my two girls (six and sixteen yrs). I guess we'll hop on a ship in Patras.Thanx for listening to me, hope to meet you, all the best,

Theodora Kay

















Happy New year" to the best web site about the best Island in the islands.I even got a Christmas present from the lovely ladies in the Vathy bakery ( Diya Papudioti ?) They know me as "the black bread man" because I love their brown bread and practice my very poor Greek on them but to send me a present!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Says it all about Ithaca and its super people.If you are ever in there give em my love,  Sylvia ,my long suffering wife, and I  hope to see them and our favorite island soon. Once again thanks for a great site Regards

Dave Ford

Hi Erica, you have a way of making me so envious! After looking at the photos of the ferry going into Piso Aetos, I was itching to make a trip to Ithaca . It looks so fantastic. So romantic!!! You are so lucky calling that place your home.

Marienne David Australia

Happy New Year Ithaca . We love you and can't wait to return!!!

Brian Dunphey UK
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