Letters to Ithaca Greece from people that have visited this Greek Island in the Ionian.
Visitors Letters 2007
We welcome your letters. Write us with your Ithacan experience.
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Hello Erika, nice to see some emails up on the site again.  Hope you are completely better now.  The cat project looks like it is working and deserves as much support from as many people possible. Hint hint.  I liked the photograph of the cats crew, they look like really fun people!!  I admire their dedication - its a tough job, but someone has to do it. Back here in the UK we have nearly finished with builders and decorators and will be putting our now 'much too posh for us' house on the market.  It is really weird because while our physical bodies are over here still, our minds are already over on Ithaca .  Everything is 'that wouldn't happen on Ithaca ' 'that is a bit like Ithaca ' 'when we are back on Ithaca '... Your website is keeping us slightly more sane than we would be otherwise - but it's still touch and go. Alister had an electric guitar for Christmas and is already going great guns on it.  Andy has bought a new bass guitar and there are rumours that I will be getting an electric drum kit!!!  Not to worry though future neighbours, we play quietly and will make sure we won't disturb anyone - unless you want us to of course!!!  I am also searching for a cow bell ala Blue Öyster Cult   maybe I should be using a goat bell though to make it more Ithaka inspired? Anyway looking forward to May when we will be over for a last visit before we move over permanently - so see you then (without the guitars etc) PS - I like your 'pretty fluff' -  there are some interesting folk around aren't there? 

Michele, Andy and Alister

I really loved the special on the last day of March. When you asked the question ‘Where do you want to be?' I yelled uncontrollably, ‘I want to be on Ithaca too'. It's great to see Ithaca so well represented, but sometimes I get quite jealous. Keep up the good work.



Dear ithacagreece.com, just a note to congratulate you on a wonderful site. I'm an avid surfer and have not come across another website with such diversity and commitment. It takes true dedication to update a site so regularly, I should know. I had a few sites in my time, but lost interest. I'm not Ithacan, but have been a fan of the site for 2 years now, and am not tiring of it. What a great escape. If I ever get enough money for a trip to Greece , I'll be making my first stop on Ithaca to see the faces and views first hand, after such great publicity by your site. I hope you maintain the energy to keep it up.

Mr. Frank Simpson, UK


Vicki Alexopoulos Melbourne Australia
All the best from Ithacans in Australia to all the Ithacans around the world. We have the best island in the world in common.
Charlie Black (Mavrokefalos) Australia

Hi Erika, and welcome home !  I know you had a good time in Australia , but it's good for us in Cyberspace to have you back !! I wish I could give more, but until that day comes, I'll just give a little each time that I get paid. It looks as though you are having a mild winter on Ithaca .  It's not too bad here in the UK at the moment, no snow yet. I read about the Melbourne ladies cook book, so I've ordered that.  The lady that's in charge of the cook book orders sent me a lovely email inviting me to visit her in Raxi one day.  I also sent Nikos and Vicky from Mylos in Vathy some CDs, and they emailed me back.  The internet is a wonderful thing.  I can keep up to date with island life, and I'm even making virtual friends !!.  So thank you for all your hard work on the website, it is very much appreciated. 

Lesa Carnegie UK
Wonderful site.  Father from Exoghi mother from Stavros.
Dionysios Alexandratos
Just loved all the pictures of April. I can see life coming back into the island. It's wonderful. Thank you for your excellent work.
Caroline Morris UK
Oh how I love Ithaca. The green hills and blue, blue, sea. I've only ever been there one time, but that one time plays over and over in my head. All the nice people I met, the gorgeous views, the food, the local wine, oh, oh, oh.... I can't recommend this island highly enough. If I could afford to go every year I would.
Jasmine Murray, Camberwell Australia
Hello to all the new friends I made in 2006 in Vathi on Ithaca. You're all back in your own countries, but wasn't it a great summer? Jodi and Trish, Miki and Con. Let's meet up again in 2008. I should have the cash by then. What do you say?
Al, yeah just like a guy, but with breasts, Allison, UK

Dear Erika, Thanks so much for keeping us all up to the minute with your wonderful Winter on Ithaca pages - it kept me going through the winter months with all the gossip and inspiring photos etc.Two weeks to go before I hit Kioni for two weeks of bliss with Fran and Jeff coming at the same time - can't wait - it will be my 14th visit!!  Best wishes

Anne Denny xx

I enjoy your pictures just wonderful. It looks like we are going to miss our annual trip this year so I rely on you. Pictures of the flowers would be great we have never been April – May. Love and Regards

Tom Haslett
I read your story on the ET3 television show which is due dd May 13th. For all the unfortunate ( like me ) that cant watch the show - maybe it would be worthwhile to record it ( or parts of it ) on DVD and then post it on YouTube. Anyway, thansk for maintaining this fantastic site. This is by far the best website I ever found in the whole web universe.
guido, Belgium

Dear Erika Just like to say that I enjoy looking at your website on a regular basis ever since my visit to Kioni last year. Ithaca , especially Kioni, is a special place with happy people and I hope to visit again in the not-too-distant future. Meanwhile I can keep up with what's on there via your website. I also enjoy the photos very much being a 'pictorial' sort of person. Best wishes for now

Sue Aigelsreiter

Hi Erika, We will be back in Ithaca for a week again on the 9th June - can't wait for those wonderful breakfasts again down by the harbour side ... just can't keep away. I'm sure his toast will be perfect - just as we remember it ! take care

Janet and Paul UK

hello ithaki........with all my love for my island and the people i know  from vathi-vounaki  i say hello


We are visiting Ithaca again on Sunday for 2 weeks, the 5th visit in 4 years, we just cant keep away. Looking forward to being there again to experience the unique paradise that is Ithaca ! We can't wait to get there to enjoy the people, the scenery, the wildlife and the total relaxation!

Mandy & Mick, Lincolnshire UK

Great island and a great way to remember it. Congratulations.

Henry Cower UK

My husband and I just had the most wonderful time in Vathi recently. We will remember it always with much fondness and hope to return to Ithaca one day again, next time for a little longer. 1 week is not long enough.

Crystal and Harrison from Wales.

We visited Ithaca island in the middle of May. We very liked this island and we will be back ASAP. And thank you for great web, we got lot of helpful information from your web about island. I send you link where are some photos what are taken in Ithaka  http://argos.planet.ee/ Regards
Argo Sikk Tallinn , Estonia
Erika Hello. Firstly, I have to congratulate you on your site, the work that is being done here can only be appreciated and thank you for all your co operation. What I first started off doing is, was  to find Emmanuel Makarios, knowing that his great grandparents were Spiros and Zaharenia Stamelatos. (my grandparents) I got hold of him and it turns out that he is the son of one of my fathers sisters (Antonia) living in New Zealand . During this time, your notice was seen by George Stamell and we made the contact (thanks to you). My grandmothers maiden name was Raftopoulos, His grandfather and my grandmother were brother and sister ! All this has led to major revelations, I have been getting mails as updates from George Stamell, his sister and cousin, Stamell Tessie and Machado Anastacia. Truly at the moment I am still very confused, finding it very difficult to come to terms with all this. I cannot even explain my emotions when George sent me photos of my grandmother ! I must say my new found relatives in Australia  are very well informed as to their roots. I have just gone into the process now and as it progresses I can see how important it is for myself and my brother Spiro, living in S.A. to work out , Ill call it, The Stamelatos, or Stamell (cut short in Australia) connection. My father was Efstathios Stamelatos, had four sisters. Kassiani (her husband Stathi Raftopoulos passed away recently) has three daughters  Rena, Angela, Lea , and a son Spiro (who got married to Paola two years ago in Ithaca ), Erasmia (passed away), Marigo (living in S.A. with daughter Stamatoula) , Antonia ( New Zealand ) . Once again I cannot express myself enough for my gratitude to you. I should be in Ithaca around August and I will make a point of meeting you.
Zaharenia Stamelatos South Africa
Just want to thank you for this wonderful and very informative web site. Me and my family are really looking forward to our holiday there and your web site has been such a great help. Thank you!!
Marion, Charli, Katy and Jack, UK
Ithaca was the best island we have visited in Greece. All the people we met were so friendly and so welcoming. Thank you Ithaca, for giving us such a great holiday. We'll definitely be going again. Our favorite places were Vathi and the beach at Dexa. We can see ourselves retiring there one day.
Brian and Allison May, Boston USA
Steve and Anastasia are getting married in Frikes today! ( 3 July 2007 ) All of their friends and colleagues here in Melbourne are thinking of them and send love and best wishes - and wish they could be there! We wish them a wonderful day and happy future together.
Maggie Taafe and From all of us in (cold) Melbourne , Australia

Hello Erika? My name is Aurelie and I am writing to you from New York City . I thought to get in touch with you simply because I was so impressed by your website and thought that anyone who takes such care to journal about the island of Ithaca must love it and know it very well. My fiance and I will be traveling to Kephalonia this summer where my father is from. We are both Greek-American and will be planning our wedding in Greece for summer 2008. I originally thought to have the wedding on the island of Kephalonia , but after seeing the rustic beauty of Ithaca , especially its churches, we are thinking of perhaps having it there. I am writing simply to say that we will be coming this August to visit Ithaka. We will definitely be using your site to get in touch with great services such as the church tour you recommended. After  seeing if it is possible to accommodate what we would like to do on Ithaka, I would like very much to be in contact with you as you seem to know the people and its facilities intimately. I am so grateful that there are still places in Greece that have not been overrun but large-scale tourism and that continue to maintain a community spirit. Again, this is merely a "hello" and to thank you for providing such a wonderful window into Ithaka for people like us who are so far away. We look forward to visiting your beautiful island, and hopefully make some lifelong memories. All the best

Aurelie and Jason NY USA

Fri 29 June 2007- Above and Right - Is there anyone left in Newcastle Australia ?
Seems the entire town has come to Ithaca ......

Hi Erika
Hold on.... There are heaps more coming from Newcastle !! Fantastic pics !! See you soon

Spero Davias Newcastle Australia

We have just got back from Ithaca , yesterday infact..nearly missed the ferry, luckily (or maybe not) our neighbours at Livanis woke us up with their banging! We have had yet another lovely two weeks on Ithaca , with an exception, my husband hurt his back picking a pack of bottled water in Ernests little shop, and it went into spasm.  But luckily for us we had an angel in the shape of Judith our Kosmar rep, she arranged for my husband to be taken to the local hospital where they prescribed painkilling injections and a muscle relaxant which Judith administered twice a day for five days, AN ANGEL!!!! She saved our holiday!  So A BIG THANK YOU JUDITH!!! From Debbie and Malachy (pronounced Mal ar key) yes everyone in Vathy knows what it sounds like!!! ha ha ha!!! For the last six years!!!  Say hello to Niko the bike man from us, and big hello to Spiros in the Karamella. See you next year and maybe we will get our picture on here, it will be our sixth time!

Debbie and Malachy Feighan UK
Me and my girlfriend visited Ithaca at the begining of June for one week and fell in love with the place! We stayed at the Captain Yiannis Apts in Vathy, home of Stefanos and also managed a nice boat trip for the day organised by mark (who I believe you know - he mentioned you and the website!) When we were there (10-17 June) the weather was lovely but now it seems ridiculous! Here in Britain ( Manchester ) it's the reverse!! It's about 18?C max and raining EVERY day...we haven't had summer here! It's very worrying to hear about these forest fires and just hope the island manages to remain unscathed. Anyhow, I love the website!!..I saw it before I went to Ithaca and it was brilliant! We'd never heard of the island before we booked our holiday and find it bizarre that so little information can be found elsewhere about such a beautiful and magical place. All I wanted before we went was to see pictures as they were so hard to find! I do photography quite a lot and needless to say, I took plenty on our holiday (995 in total!) I've enclosed a few for you low res ones but if you want, I can send you a CD with a good selection of the originals for you to use on your site or forward to any other people on the island to use..or even to sell!! I don't mind! Anything to make people on Ithaca happy! Cheerio and good luck with the weather!
James Adams, Manchester UK
Hi Erika, You may remember meeting us back in June - you kindly offered us lots of advice on independent travel  to Ithaca ..  Sorry it's taken so long to e-mail, time just seems to fly .. Give our regards to Jessica and Demetri - we really do need to get back to enjoy those wonderful breakfasts at Isalos. Hope the venture is going well ... Well it looks like we will be back at the end of September, we have a flight and accommodation booked. After searching your site, we were attracted to Cavos Cottages at Lefki - we have previously stayed at Rebecca's cottages and really loved the view across the channel, a really lovely location!  We now have just the ferry and car hire to book - looking at the ferry times listed on your site, they seem to tie up quiet nicely with the flight, so we should be ok. We really do need to wait for it to cool down before we return, as it sounds like you've had a really hot summer so far ! Your website makes independent travel a lot easier - many thanks. Take care.
Janet and Paul Feakes, UK

I am really sorry I missed meeting up with you during our holiday, things never go to plan. Our daughter (Nikki) has a Greek boyfriend (Niko) his parents have a holiday home in Loutrakion, when they heard we were on Ithaki they came over to spend a few days with us in the same hotel. We had a wonderful time, the hotel was really nice and the staff very friendly, every night a different taverna for food (must have put on a few pounds) and the weather, a bit hot but I would swap it for the weather we are having over here, its rained just about every day since our return.   What a beautiful Island , the mountain villages, the Churches, the spectacular views, the cyprus trees and the crystal clear water.

Mike Leys Scotland

hi erica how r u? looking forword to the festa tonight i suppose.i am looing forward to seeing some  great fotos. my brother will be there peter raftopoulos, blonde hair very brown skin i would love to see a photo of him. i am still recovering from illness. i get very tired easy, my speech still isn't 100%.in time. have a great nite.

Rena Raftopoulos Melbourne Australia

Hi Erica, my name is Mary Aslani. I have been enjoying your site for one and a half year now. So many beautiful photographs and stories.Congratulations!! I live in Athens with my little son George and my husband Alexandros. My mum's root is from Lefki and I'm coming to Ithaca every two years. I'm first cousin of Eleni Cominos and I will be glad to meet you when I'll be in Ithaca on 13 th of August. Please keep your wonderful website going. With regards 

Mary Aslani, Athens


Under Ithaki General on 5 th August you seemed to lambaste some poor, troubled tourists for not liking the sound of noisy cricketers. I assume they were English – and if so, they came on holiday to get away from just that sort of thing. Men polishing their balls on clean white linen, shouting Howzat!, yelling “no ball” when you can clearly see there is a ball, chucking jellybeans around, sledging in the middle of summer, grunting and groaning out loud every time a ball is thrown or hit or missed, and generally developing their brain cells back towards childhood. So, please leave these poor people alone – I suggest they go to Australia for their next holiday. Certainly no cricketers there!! Yours truly. PS Do you know any good opticians? Editor Note - Complaint about Crickets not Cricketers. Run as fast as you can to your nearest optometrist.

Manxman of Exoghi Ithaca


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