Letters to Ithaca Greece from people that have visited this Greek Island in the Ionian.
Visitors Letters 2004
We welcome your letters. Write us with your Ithacan experience.
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To whom it may concern, Ithaca is a great place to holiday with children. I think other families looking for somewhere they and their children can enjoy, should give ithaca a try. It's good to know there are still some places in Greece that have not been over commercialized. Congratulations on your site and giving us all a chance to revisit the place we holidayed for only a short 2 weeks. Next time we hope you will put the Roberts family on the who's here page. What a great idea! We love looking through all the locals and summer lowdown also. The only complaint we had was the weather. It was very cold at nights and we cam ill-prepared for that. Alana, Peter, Corey and Mathew

We had a fabulous holiday in Frikes and found the staff in local tavernas friendly and helpful. Helen LIbby, Cornwall UK

Hi, I wrote earlier in the year and you put my letter on your web site. Great. Keep up the good work, I look every day. It will not be long before Moira and I arrive, 4 weeks. Before we do,and to help ease our cash handling while travelling, can you let me know if the ATM in Stavros is up and running yet, it wasn't the last time on the island and it would save an expensive taxi ride to Vathy if it is working. Thanks for bringing Ithaca to England. .... .. . Mal Hawkins, UK

Thanks for your very interesting site. We spent a day on Ithaca last year and thought it was so beautiful we are heading back for one week of our holiday this year.  Before we arrive could you possibly tell us whether there are any cash machines available, as we don't want to bring too much cash unless we have to!! Many thanks. . (In Vathy and Stavros there are ATMS) Rebecca Meteau, UK

Congratulations on winning the football. I'll bet Bemeni's was serving till dawn. How I would love to have been there to enjoy the moment, Still you had my support from the comfort of my arm chair. They'll be some sore heads today.
Tom Wykes (Frikes windsurfing instructor 1989-1993)

Hi there, just found your website and i think its FANTASTIC! (WELL DONE) I will be visiting ithaca soon and may well holiday there for a few months. Thanks for a truly informative website. STEVE

Great Website, I love the new changes. Cheers.
Paul and Barbara Critelli , Melbourne, Australia

Hello, I am a university student studying Classical Civilizations and Archeology in University. I am in love with the Odyssey and with Ithaca, though I have never been, I have surfed many sites and find the island beautiful and the inhabitants fascinating. I am particularly interested in the archeology of Ithaca. Your site has a great overview of Ithaca and I was wondering if you have links or know of any current archeological excavations on Ithaca. I would love to visit Ithaca or participate in any activities discovering its wonderful ancient history. With much thanks and compliments to your wonderful site. David Sokol, CA

I love the Ithaca website and think you have done a brilliant job! Last October was the first time we had been on a plane, when we had a holiday on Crete. This year we wanted our holiday to be really special and looked at all sorts of holidays to celebrate our silver wedding anniversary (25 years). My husband Tim and I have chosen Ithaca and will be arriving in Kioni on 31 August for one week before travelling on to Kephalonia for the second week. Amanda and Tim Cale, Glos. UK

Just a short note to say how much I enjoy your website. Everytime I log on I get homesick for Ithaca. Keep up the good work. Hopefully, we will be there next summer (fingers crossed). I look forward to seeing all the photos from this summer's panigiria. ...... ... .. Dean Psaros - Regards from Melbourne Australia

What a great piece of photo-journalism. I felt like I was right there at the event. Minus the finger pointing cops and the speeches of course. Great Job! I'll be there Saturday, see you then. Laki

You are amazing; it's the best, most interesting, most up-to-date site on the web. Keep it up. Pat Fitzgerald, SA

My memories of ithaki 2002 will never die...This website is absolutely fantastic! I feel like im there partying at the panigiria. Unfortunatly i didnt make it this year but next year i will be back for a lot longer. Your updates have inspired me to $$$SAVE$$$$. Olivia Cass, Melb. AUS.

To whoever maintains this wonderful site! We have only just discovered it by accident, having had connections with the island for 10 years or so. We have a house in Perachori where we hope to spend a lot more time in the future, and one in Vathy which we are going to let out to tourists from next year on- in fact we might like to advertise it on your site if you would be kind enough to let us know your rates. We were a little disappointed that not much space (unless we have not found it yet) is apparently given to Perachori, which is the main traditional village on the island and where much of the wine of the island is made. Congratulations however on a really comprehensive site with loads of information. We will be back shortly but until then will keep checking your site for updates of local activities etc! Also in view of lack of Perachori info thought I would attach a photo (one of hundreds!) of the view from there- in fact taken from our house. Nick and Judi Levi

I'm so glad I found your web site it's been a really great source of information and I especially like the 'Locals' section! Katharine, UK

Congratulations for the new page and thank you very much for hanging our photo between locals and visitors! We had a great time in Ithaka and I want to go back (to Lahos, to Spiro's house) as soon as possible. Give our love to Dimitri and his mum and dad who were really nice to us.
Best regards - Luisa

Saw your new website - congratulations it is excellent. George Florence, Astor Theatre Melbourne

I am so happy that you now have a dot com. The new page is so much better to go through. My daughter and I love your web site, but it was hard work with the advertisements and getting from 1 page to the other. Now we love it even more. We hope one day to live in Ithaka. Please put on more properties for sale.

Beate und Karin Baum, Muenchen Germany

Just a short note to let you know that most of us Ithacan's, here in
Newcastle, check out your web site every week.
A great job, great site...Thanks for all your effort and time. A lot of the family is there right now,
we could not make it this year due to work. Cheers

Spero, Newcastle Australia

Congratulations to your homepage! My name is Josef, in Kioni better known as "MOZART". The first time I came to Ithaki was 1990 and I was teaching music at the Summerakademie. Since this time I spend  every year a few weeks there, mostly in autumn, because this time is quiet and not so hot, because I like to walk around and explore the island. Many greetings to our friends (Brigitte and Panais, Jorgo, Jenny in Spavento, and, and, and............) and I wish you a good wintertime. See you next year.

The summer of 2004 at Poli beach was fantastic and every year just keeps getting better. Every year I come back there are always many great moments and laughs. It's great to see that over the last 4 years everyone is enjoying themselves more and more and looking forward to meeting up for a swim, frappe or ouzo and snacks. There is a small community forming under the fig tree by the little house and I guess I and a couple of others who are here for all of the summer get to see most ‘goings on', have the most laughs reminiscing some of the events of the summer. I met lots of people from around the world this year who most once were touched by the atmosphere at Poli beach they didn't bother to go elsewhere for the day which gave me a good feeling as those who knew how the beach was several years ago it wasn't the best beach to go to, but its starting to show its potential along with the Stavros community who put so much into it, i would like to say to all my friends thanks for your support and company as its all you that makes the summer what it is. I cant wait to see you all again next year.

Lucky, Melbourne, Australia


My partner and I have just returned from a week in Ithaki, based in Vathy. While we found the villages of Kioni and Frikes to be welcoming and beautiful places, I regret to say I would deter anyone from staying in Vathy. We found the price of basics such as a coffee to be ridiculously inflated. In one small place by the harbour, we were charged 14 euro for 2 coffees and 2 yoghurt desserts.  I hate to generalise about any place and people, but the general attitude seems to be to overcharge tourists. We were most disappointed with the greedy ambience of Vathy,  and would recommend to anyone travelling to Ithaki to stay in Kioni or Frikes instead. Kind regards,
Irene Fogarty, Ireland.


This letter is in response to the letter posted by Ron Douglas page 1. "The beaches have no sand, most of the people are rude and old" I'm with you, Ron. No sand is unacceptable. And I don't know if you noticed, but the hills have no snow either. There I was, al geared up for a skiing vacation, only to find you can't even ski on Ithaca. The sea is far too salt as well. And the wrong shade of blue. The whole place is totally useless, isn't it? In other words, dear Ron, next time you go somewhere for a vacation, you might want to do a little research before you set off. Ithaki is not Ibiza. If people were rude to you, I'm not surprised. Visitors that complain about lack of sand and the age of the locals, deserve all the rudeness they get. People get old here because it's a peaceful, healthy place. What on earth is wrong with that? You'd rather see them all die young? And you expect sandy beaches on an island that's basically a mountain top sticking out of the sea? Didn't you pay attention during the geography classes? You wrote "It's not a place to go if you are on your own and young". You're wrong. There are plenty 'young' and single visitors enjoying themselves here every summer. However, it's not a place to go to when you're young, on your own, spoiled and ignorant. But then again, what is? Still, maybe it's just me. I've probably been brainwashed by my many visits to Ithaki and I can no longer think straight. I think this island is a lovely place, you know. Beautiful, friendly, and unspoiled. Probably one of Greece's finest. Anyway, keeping your letter in mind, I'll suggest the mayor to take bulldozers to the natural beaches and have everybody over 30 executed, okay? Until we've achieved that, may I suggest you find yourself a nightclub on Ibiza to pass out in?
Kind regards from Lefki, Ithaki, Rien Post (Opinions stated here are those of the individual and do not reflect those of hOMe ithaca greece website)

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