Letters to Ithaca Greece from people that have visited this Greek Island in the Ionian.
Visitors Letters 2004
We welcome your letters. Write us with your Ithacan experience.
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I have visited many Greek islands including Ithaca. Yes, it is expensive, but aren't they all. I do not agree Ms Fogerty that the businesses in Vathy are greedy, although I do agree that she is indiscriminately generalizing. My husband and I were also based in Vathy and found the people very friendly and helpful. We would all like more money on our holidays, but while on holiday why worry about it? Money is to spend on such an occasion as a holiday, so enjoy it. Since finding Ithaca through your site, we often check to see the island and what's happening. Enjoy your Indian Summer as we here in the UK are getting wet and the minute the clocks go back, we'll be in the dark at 4.30pm while you are still enjoying the sunshine. We love the Winter pages. Keep up the good work. Sam and Mike, Manchester, UK

What a wonderful site. I'm addicted to it. Maybe you should not update so regularly so we can all save on our internet bills. Just kidding. I love all the pics and the personal touch, it's as close to being there without being there. Just want you to know that. What is it that makes you fall in love with this island? Maria, Johannesburg, Sth Africa

I've never been to Ithaca, but my friend Jess lives there with her family. It's great to see her face occasionally and to know where it is that she's moved to. When is the best time to get a cheap flight so I can visit her?

Beck, what the heck. I just might have to get on a plane and come to Ithaca. Melbourne, Australia


We have stayed at Hotel Nostos, Frikes, many times in the past. We used to walk over to Kioni quite often. We saw a turtle swimming in a bay from the road once. Lovely place.
Margaret Woodall, UK

I have enjoyed browsing your website, which brought back memories.
Dave Woodall, UK

i just wanted to congradulate you on the beautiful job you have done regarding advertising ithaca thru the internet. your pictures are great, but just a reminder that there is another side of vathy also which you hardly show. i mean the side where the provlita is up to the dendrakia. have a nice winter.

Mrs. Pagona Moussouris, Greece

This is a handsome website. i just wanna thanks everyone for working on it and for the gorgious photos that always make me ithaka-sick. I am closed in a library - as a sad rat in a cage - in Berkeley
(California, Usa) far away from my beloved Europe and without this website probaly I would think that Ithaka was just a wonderful dream in a mid-summer night. At the opposite the Aegeum seems to be still there waiting for me...
Amedeo, Berkeley USA

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