ithaki Villages Greece 2007
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Around the Villages - Summer Lodown 2007
See what's happening around the island villages from May to October. Parties, festivals, concerts and general fun from Vathy, Anoghi, Perahori, Dexa, Lefki, Stavros, Polis, Exoghi, Platrithia, Ag. Sarantas, Afales, Lahos, Frikes Raxi and Kioni. You won't miss a thing on
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  Thu 20 Sep - As we near the end of September it's worth catching the action before there isn't any. Below - Vathy  
Left - Taxiarhis Church in Platrithia. After a hot day, the heat mist lays low over the hills and slopes of northern Ithaki.
Fri 21 Sep - Above and Far Left - The past few days have been quite muggy and sultry with low lying cloud closing the horizon off from the island. The sticky weather did bring everyone back out again however,
filling up the bayside restaurants and bars like in August. Above - This Utility Van may just look like an ordinary van, but the cargo in the back is one of Ithakis most treasured supplies - charcoal. Yes, without the charcoal, there wouldn't be any charcoal grill.
Mon 24 Sep - Last night the owners of Yefuri Restaurant in Platrithia put on a party to end the 7/24 Season and to say thank you to its staff. Invited guests enjoyed Take Away Pizza from Fiorendinos in Frikes free drinks and music, and the 'Drawing Wall' got a lashing before its washed for the Sunday 30 Art Exhibition.
Andy Papas had planned to have his invited guests serve his staff for a change, but the Champaign put an end to that idea.

Above Left - Julia from Julias Gift Shop in Frikes with Fanni from Proto Supermarket in Frikes and Vathy. Below Left - Rien, Grill Man at Rementzo. Below Centre - Kiki from Kikis Mini Market in Frikes with Tour Rep, Claire. Below Right - Andy Papas getting happy.
The party puts an end to 7 days per week trading, so from this week onward, Yefuri is open for business Friday, Saturday and Sunday only.
Right - Artist/Musician Suzy Papas with brother Mr. Yefuri, Andy Papas, and fellow artist Larissa Blake. On Sunday 30 September, Suzy and Larissa are having an exhibition of their original paintings at Yefuri. Free drinks at 7pm. All are invited, so go along and see these Ithaki inspired paintings for yourself
Tue 25 Sep - Above - Not many people coming to Ithaki come via Patras, so for those who have never been, here's a peak at the Port.
Left - Ithaca from a distance. Ferry from Patras makes its' usual stop at Sami on Ithacas sister island Cephalonia, before heading to Ithakis' port of Piso Aetos where the afternoon ferry to Ithaca docks each day.
Above - Poppy from Rementzo takes a violin lesson from Fiddler Adrian Lunney after serving dinner at her restaurant. Poppys' passion for violin has been just a little frustrated by a very busy summer season from which she couldn't take a break to learn, so when the opportunity arose for a quick lesson from a professional, of course she rose to the occasion to get a few valuable tips. Right - Poppy playing the violin, her favourite instrument, and hubbie Nektarios playing the ham, his favourite piece of pork.







Thu 27 Sep - Above - This bone was found on the beach yesterday. Some guessed it may be a dolphin rib or very large fish bone, but no one knew for sure. If you have an idea, write us an email Below - Yesterday the sky threatened rain from dawn onward, but it didn't begin to pour until evening. Today it was sunny again until around midday when it began to cloud over again.
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