Ithaki during the winter of 2005 and 2006 on Ithaca, the Greek Island in the Ionian  
Ithaca Winter Specials 2005 - 2006
Stories and photographs of Winter on Ithaca, greece. Marida fish festival, an Ithacan favourite, weddings, baptisms, trips around the island and the mainland. Here you'll find all the activities of a winter season on the Greek Island of Ithaca.


Marida Fish Festival
Theofilos and Nikos Karantzis get Baptized
Sunrise from Exoghi
A Walk in the north of Ithaca
Inside the clouds on top of Ithaca
A Moment in Frikes
Rementzo Music Night
A Night in front of the Tv on Ithaca
A morning with Andreas Anagnostatos
Odysseas Football Club Fundraisning Party
Odysseas v Olympiakos Argostoliou
Christmas Lights over Patras
The Chapries play Mylos Creperie in Vathy
New Years' Eve 2005
Polis Beach Reflections 2006
Anoghi - In the Blue
Moving through a stormy day
Snow, cold and no electricity - 5 days and counting
Anoghi views - After the Blackout and Snow
!0 Minutes at Kravoulia Beach 2 Near Frikes
Another 'From Ithaca to' Trip - Athens (including Hard Candy Gig)
Pre - Carnival Party at Mylos Creperie
An ordinary day
Vathy Carnival
A Walk around the Edges of Stavros
The Farside of Vathy
From Ithaca - On the road to nowhere in particular
Good Friday - Greek Easter
Anastasis - The Resurrection - Greek Easter
Easter Sunday

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