Winter time on Ithaki isle. All the pics and news on the Greek Island of Ithaca in the Ionian during 2007
Winter on Ithaca 2006 - 2007
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New Year, New Beginnings, New Council
Sun 7 Jan - Last night at Drosia Taverna, just above Vathy, a suprise jam session with Massos Deftereos and Alexandros Taflambas, warmed up a chilly night by resurrecting some old and loved Greek folk songs. A nice end to a good meal.
The official changeover of the Ithaca Council
Although the new Council was voted in late last year, it's traditional that the official changeover is on the first Sunday of January in the New year. New Council members have had some time to learn the ropes and now it's time for action.
During the proceedings, voting for positions in council were carried out and the previous Mayor, Mr. Tilemahos Karavias, itemized works and undertakings seen to during his term in Council, plus projects still to be completed, for the new Mayor, Mr. Georgios Vasilopoulos. All the formalities were seen to with swift attention and with mostly somber faces. There was no applause after the various speeches, there were no recriminations, just straight to the business of the day. Mr. Vasilopoulos, promised that he and his Council members aim to be as approachable in Government as they have always been as civilians. It was also stated, that one of the major agendas of this Council would be to make large projects that would propel Ithaca into the future, easier to achieve through less stringent and inexpensive impact studies that have in his mind, impeded progress on the island up until now.
Above - Left - Tilemahos Karavias. Right - Georgos Vasilopoulos
Above - The symbolic cutting of the Vasilopita (New Year cake)
While the politicians in the cities don their suits and ties, here on Ithaca, the Council members take a more relaxed and casual approach. Once the formalities were done, the cutting of the Vasilopita began to put smiles on the faces of the Council members, as symbolic slices of the New Year cake were portioned out. One of these slices was handed to me as a symbol of those from elsewhere in the world, who have chosen Ithaki as their home. Gee thanks. I am very happy to call Ithaca home. After the ceremonies it was refreshments in the back room and networking for all.
Right - Ag Ioannis beach mid afternoon. A warm and sunny day yesterday was ideal for a walk along the beach where the sun takes the longest to disappear, even in winter.

Mon 8 Jan - Left - It takes most of the day for the sun to hit Frikes. At 11am, the night lights still burn as the village sits in the dark and cool shade of the mountains.


Ithaki Cats has started a neutering program. A vet will visit the island to neuter stray and owned cats twice a year assisted by local volunteers. The first of these visits will be this month, January 15th and 16th. It costs 15 euro for a female cat, and 10 euro for a male cat. If you want to make an appointment or for information, call Britta: 26740-31610 You can help Ithaki cats control Ithaca 's cat population by becoming a member or making a donation. More  about Ithaki Cats and how you can help them will soon be notified on their own website. Details to come.

Tue 10 Jan - Click here for another 'Ithaca to' trip - This time Ithaca to Melbourne, Australia. Above - The great ocean road outside Warnambool in Victoria. You will need Flash Player to see some of the pics and be prepared it's a big edition, so unless you have ADSL, expect some download time. If some photos don't load down, refreshing the page will help. It's taken a bit of time to get together after some jet-lag, the Ithaki stomach flu and basic lethargy and laziness, but the pages are finally ready.

Wed 10 Jan - Left - These two very cute and sociable pups, around 3 months old, were left abandoned on Ithaca. The finders of these pups would like them to go to a good home otherwise they may be put down. Anyone interested in giving these two a good home, please contact Lilia on +30 69734 69354 or Mark on +30 69734 67977.

Abnormal weather from one end of the globe to the other. Although the Spring weather Ithaca is in the midst of, is wonderful, it's definitely not normal. We should have rain and cold instead of warm, and I mean warm, sunshine and blue sky days that resemble May and not January.

So, what's the news from Ithaki? Well, not much, and that's just the way many seem to like it right now. Everything's laid back with days spent pottering and enjoying Ithaki during winter. Others have taken off to find excitement elsewhere and the remaining are working hard during a time when work is difficult to find.

Fri 12 Jan - Left - Who knows what was being burnt off yesterday at the 'not a' garbage waste site in the south of the island, but it looked bad, smelled bad and felt bad after you inhaled. The low pressure system pressed the black plumes of smoke down the hillside and into the bay area of Aetos.














Sat 13 Jan - Right - Kathara in the distance - Another sunny day today after yesterdays' dark skies, but quite a bit cooler than over the past week. A brisk wind dropped the temp and made for some very clear views.
Above Left - A Vathy Lane on a Thursday morning. Above - Flock of seagulls. No, not the 80's music duo, but the feathery kind. Taking off into the wide blue yonder towards Kathara. Left - Lefkis' golden light. It's the place to be on a winters' afternoon.
Sun 14 Jan - Flowers are springing up all over the island. It's not just us that's confused about the weather, but flora too. 17C today, but more like 20 in the sun. Some locals have reverted back to t-shirts. Today at Kionio it was bbq time outside Spavento, mums were at the parks with their kids and some macho types were talking about swimming. Will Ithaca see a Winter before the Spring? Here's hoping.

The abandoned pups (see above Wed 10 Jan) are still looking for a home. Kefalonia Foundation has offered to finance the spaying and vaccinations of the pups for anyone who takes one or both. Here are the phone numbers again if you would like to rescue one of the cute puppies. Lilia on +30 69734 69354 or Mark on +30 69734 67977.

Fast Food Nation - No, definitely not Ithaki, but tonight, at the cinema in Vathy, this documentary will hopefully be enlightening locals to the real meaning of the Mac and other burgers. "Would you like lies with that?"

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