The off Season on the Greek Island of Ithaki. Winter Days on Ithaca 2007  
  Winter on Ithaca 2006 - 2007
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Wed 28 Feb - Last day of February and still no winter to speak of. The skies may look like winter occasionally, like yesterday, but the temps are still so very mild. After a big downpour of rain, a rainbow sprung up from the valley outside of Stavros (Below)
Beyond Vathy there are rolling hillsides of olive groves and clear views across the Ionian and toward the mainland. If you look hard enough you'll see deep into the heart of Greece.
Everything went golden brown under the rogue patch of sunshine which accompanied the rainbow as it broke through a bitter, black sky. Very eerie, but very beautiful.
Ithaki Cinema scoop!!!!! This weekend, Saturday and Sunday, you can see the recent Oscar winning film The Departed, directed by Martin Scorcese and starring Robert De Niro, right here on Ithaki at the Vathy Cinema. Hot off the red carpet and playing near you. Don't waste time watching repeats on the tele. Get out and support the Cinema. I'll be there with popcorn and willing to share.
Fri 2 Mar - It's March already and from the moment the calendar clicked over to the new month, the temperature began to rise and sunny warm days begin...for how long? Guess we'll find out.
Above - A wide view of Exoghi with some of the best views to be witnessed on Ithaca island

Sun 4 Mar - The flu finally caught up with me so no pics, but just needed to tell you that Ithaca had a clear view of the magnificent eclipse of the moon last night. It was really something worth dragging yourself out of bed for.

With the beginning of March the season changed immediately to Spring. The temps prove it. 21C. Looks like we'll have a hot summer this year.

Mon 5 Mar - Left - 'We're on the road to nowhere..." well, Kioni actually. Herding sheep along the road from Frikes to Kioni would be impossible in Summer with the amount of traffic that polishes up the tar here, but in winter, it's a familiar view. Bah.
Tue 6 Mar - Below - Spavento Bar in Kioni has had an interior lift this year. George and Jennie have been busy, not just with their twins, but with making over the interior of the bar. New colour scheme, wider bar, more kitchen space, new fittings, new almost everything, including the kitchen sink. Owners are very pleased with the outcome, so are their customers. When Spavento closes its doors in the winter, there's a big hole left in the social outlet for the northern community, so thank god they're back in business.
Above - For those that manage a trip to Ithaki around this time of year, there are some wonderful surprises. The weather for one, and views that seem to reveal themselves for private viewings for another. Herman and Julian are a couple of the lucky ones experiencing Ithaki during this intimate and natural time of year. If you think you may recognize Hermans face, it could well be that he was your flight steward on a British Airways flight to or from somewhere around Europe. Herman is a Columbian living between the UK and Paris. For Fashion Designer Julian, this is a rare moment of sitting still. His weekly travel schedule has him commuting from Paris to Munich to Rome, although his roots are Turkish and British. These two have been flirting with Ithaca for some time now, so it's about time they went on a serious date to see whether they are made for eachother. I must say Ithaca went all the way to give a good first impression.
Above - Just a portion of the expansive views from ithakis' southern mountain village of Upper Perahori.
Wed 7 Mar - Left - Another fantastic weather day on Ithaki. Too good to waste sitting around in the shade. It was time to get out and travel the roads of Ithaki. One of the roads less traveled is towards Marathia on the southern tip of the island.
On the road
Ask anyone in the street about their Winter and they'll shake their head and say 'what winter'. The weather has been too mild to hibernate so locals are working harder than usual. There were few rainy days to stay home for and no chilly nights to rug up for. Last winter, the stretch from Kioni to Vathy was a lonely drive, this winter, the traffic flow resembled the Spring influx. In February the weather is usually too rough to travel, yet this year, many decided to take breaks from the island here and there seeing the ferry ran as normal. The blue Ionian sea looked inviting enough to swim in too this month, usually the coldest month of Winter.
Thu 8 Mar - Above - Soris, from soris Creperie in Stavros, takes a ride in a buggy with a friend. Soris takes two rides in a buggy. Soris just loves that buggy so much he takes a third and fourth ride. It's nice to see him this happy.
Left - Kioni in the quiet time. Not a soul around the bay at 3pm. It's hard to believe this quiet bayside is jammed with people sitting around the restaurants and cafes or strolling up and down along the mollo in August. Won't be long now before this quiet village puts on its best dress to welcome in the season.
Fri 9 Mar - Below - Frikes. Fashioning the look of winter.
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