The weather changes as Ithaki heads on into winter. 2006 Ithaca Winter.
Winter on Ithaca 2006 - 2007
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Wed 11 Oct Cont - Above - Calm waters in Vathy
Above - Rough seas in Frikes
...and then the evening colours begin to shine all over the island. The skies put on a brilliant light show from Vathy to Kioni.
The heavy winds that plagued most of the island, except for Lefki, cleared the atmosphere and gave way to crisp horizons. Ithaca in technicolor.
Left - Keith Thompson (center) revisits an adventure of his youth with wife Kaye Bendle and daughter Clementine Bendle Thompson. 30 years ago Keith hitchhike through Greece and found himself on the shores of Ithaki where his experiences rooted themselves deep in his psyche to have him return all these years later with his travel diary from the 70s in hand. His trip to Greece took him from his home in the UK and resettled him in Australia where he and his wife Kaye write screenplays for Television and film. Keith spent most of his time in Vathy back then in the early 70s and has again this trip, but he couldn't leave the island without revisiting a few memorable times in the north, the places and the people he met. As there are many who read these pages, maybe someone knows what happened to Peter Digaletos, mother from Exoghi, father from Ag. Sarantas. Keith knows he had a fruit shop near the ABC in Melbourne, but has since then disappeared from the Phone Book. Email Me if you know where Keith could make contact with him.
So what does a screenplay writer do when equipped with his travel diary and memories of a 70s experience? Write of course. Keith retraces his steps around Greece from the 70s when the UK was into free love and Greece was just fresh out of a Dictatorship, when you didn't think twice about sticking out your thumb to hitch a lift to the unknown. Open minds traveling through innocent times. Watch out for the movie.
Above - Dave and Wendy, with only weeks on Ithaca, have lost it. Looks like Exoghi can still make a Jekyll out of a Hyde or maybe too much paint and stripped sniffing?.
The last night at Yefuri restaurant was a big and international one. They came from Kioni, Vathy, Stavros, Lahos, Ag. Sarantas, UK, Austria, Switzerland, The Netherlands and Jakarta. All got their last taste of Andys' cooking for the year.
Above - Werner, Katrina and Uli
Pete and Candy
Above - Aphrodite in Pink with her sister in-law
.Above - Sitting, not walking Ester and Merry
Above - Georgo and Niki Douglas, brothers rarely seen together. Middle - Merry and Georgo getting ready for Bali. Right - Xanthi, young mum on a break.
The skies have cleared. It's sunny and fine. No rain today. Around the island, although Elections are dominating everyones' thoughts, real life, as opposed to tourism life, is beginning to take place again after a long Season of Summer. Locals are organizing their olive groves, building continues, fishing is the joy and lifeblood of many, and people return to being people after months of being machinery of tourism. It takes a lot of strength to get through a Season of summer on the island. Late nights, one after the other, the obligatory drinking of Ouzo, the socializing, the work load, the cooking, the cleaning, the meeting, the greeting, the smiling, the smiling, the labours of love, the labours of necessity, the laborious commitment to fun, fun and more fun, the stress of getting to the beach each day, the views, the sun, the warm Greek nights and now? Relaxation and the obligatory drinking of Metaxa. Yes, I know. Life is soooooooo hard on Ithaki.
Notice - is looking for 5 people with a digital camera in the various villages of Ithaki to take photos for from Nov 12 - December 30. I would like to update the site while I'm away on holiday during this time, with pictures of Ithaki that you take. If you're interested, please email me by clicking here. Include your name and area you live and I will send you further details (or just find me)
Fri 13 Oct - A great weather day yesterday. Sunny, warm and the sun was shining bright. Visitors headed for the beaches around the island. Above - Aphales Beach in the north.
As you make your way towards Marmaka from Aphales Bay, this is the view looking back. the Official walking tours have now stopped, but people are still making their way around the tracks of Ithaki.

The island is almost at a standsill as most in the community are involved in the elections this year. There's vigorous campaigning from all corners of the community, and with only a few days until E Day, vote gathering has become the priotiry above all. A bonus to this years' election is that the Kefalonia ferry, which usually only makes 1 trip each Saturday, is this Saturday, making 2 trips as voters who live in other parts of Greece return to Ithaca to declare their solidarity for their favorite Mayor and Regional Representative. Local elections may not be too big a deal in a city, but on Ithaki, it''s almost more important than the National Election.

Just when you thought the Season couldn't go on any longer, another big Flotilla sails into Frikes to create mayhem. Seems a girl who couldn't keep her blouse on created a bit of a fuss at one of the restaurants. Do people really want to see breasts while they're eating? The answer is - Yes, half of them do... Which half? The half without breasts of course.

Sat 14 Oct - Above - Vathy Bay looking just wonderful. Seems like everyone on Ithaki survived Friday 13th, although, if the elections go on any longer, we may not be so lucky. The ferrry was packed to the rafters yesterday and today as people head back to the island to cast their vote tomorrow. It will be a busy weekend for all the restaurants still open. The place is buzzing.
Sun 15 Oct - There's no doubt that Autumn is here. The temps are cooler and the beaches are empty, but the water still looks pretty inviting. Today Elections rule the day and the thoughts of Ithacans. Even the ferry timetable is changed to accommodate the voters wanting to be back in Patra or Athens by lunchtime. May the best man win, not the one with the biggest family or group of friends.
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