Winter and Spring on Ithaki. What's happening on Ithaca while the tourists are away. 2007
Winter on Ithaca 2006 - 2007
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Fri 20 Apr - The end to another working week on Ithaki. A little rest at the Cafenion after a morning of chores in Vathy. Above Left - Pano(in red) from Kioni, UK and Spain with his friend Costa (Vanilla) from the historical and wonderful Hamilton House right on the bayside of Kioni, and Above Right, with his wife Amelia and Costas brother, Haralambos. The wonderful stories around this table are worth many, many hours of attention...and a book or two or three.
Left - Ok, the sign says it all, but on the personal side, this is Spiros who runs Alpha car hire. It's a very rare occasion to catch him on film, so the opportunity is taken when it presents itself. The crew at Alpha are getting ready for the season. Everyone is busy, but not too busy to stop to say hello or to give a welcoming smile. Thanks for the pic Spiro, much appreciated.
Above Right - Piccolo in Vathy. Nektarios, new owner of the Eatery, entertains his customers on a sunny Friday midday while Dimitri (right) catches up on his emails. He's looking at me, but talking to his friend, Jack, in Florida, USA. Hi Mr. xyz!! Where do you want to be today?
Everyone - if you could only be here right now. The island is looking quite magical with wild flowers spread across the island with colour-bursting exuberance. The weather is magnificent, people, many of whom you know, have met or bet your bottom dollar, would like to meet, are out and about enjoying Greek Island life on Ithaki. Regular, occasional and new visitors - we wish you were all here to enjoy the island with all of us. It's Spring time and everyone is feeling the itch with more than enough love for whoever wants to join us. Come on over! Don't be shy.
This weekend at the Cinema - Little Miss Sunshine
Saturday 21 Sunday 22 and Monday 23 at 9pm at Vathy Cinema
Sun 22 Apr - Above - A patch of Lahos under some very golden rays of sunshine yesterday.
Above - The Lefki caravan is moving to Platrithia. This Uk caravan has been sitting in a Lefki driveway for many years now. It's been part of the scenery. The previous owners of this caravan are long gone from Ithaca, but a little something of their lives here remains in its walls. The new owner will no doubt etch his own experiences on Ithaca into the fibre of this caravan, but the old memories will only be added to, not erased.
Left - Sunday breakfast at Yefuri in Platrithias. What a great way to start the day - newspaper, coffee and breakfast on a glorious morning. Eggs Florentine is just one of the great breakfast choices. Can't wait til next Sunday. Breakfast 11am - 3pm.
Below - Horses for courses. Bakarelo takes his horse for a Sunday morning stroll through Platrithia. Nearly everyone wants to be out and about today. The weather is fantastic. It's too hot to sit in the sun. Feels like summer today folks.
Everyones' been raving about 'Little Miss Sunshine', on at the Vathy Cinema. If you haven't seen it yet, you have tonight and tomorrow night (Monday) to see what the fuss is about.
Frikes is now getting dressed for Summer. New Canopy going up at Symposium, Isalos Cafe Bar, with new management, are getting ready to open May 1, Piperato is undergoing a complete kitchen facelift and Nostos Hotel renovations are nearing completion. It's a busy time in the northern bayside village.
Thu 26 Apr - Warm days and cool nights so far this Spring. Yesterday the weather began to change a little, with clouds misting out the horizon and greying up the sky.
Local news - No more Cinema until next winter. Replacing the screen is the stage, with Ithaki Theatre Group rehearsals in full swing at the Cinema now. We'll get a sneak preview soon. About time we had another Company performance. It's been awhile.
Right - McGyver, occasional Fiorendino Dj, in need of a shave.
Mon 23 Apr - Left - Maureen and Lynn are here from Melbourne, Australia. Lynns husbands' grandfather has his roots in Exoghi, so the girls wanted to pay homage. Maureen and Lynn have spent time also in Cephalonia, which, after coming to Ithaki, they now regret. In their opinion, Ithacans are friendlier, happier and nicer people, and they wish they'd spent all their time here on our little rock instead of the bigger rock next door. It's nice to hear.
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Fish in the dish
Above - Dinner at Rementzo in Frikes. A quick sketch - A group of spear fishers from the mainland sale into the harbour with buckets of their catch and ask Nektarios to fire up the grill for the best and make fish soup with the rest.
This week there are quite a few new faces in the streets of Ithaca. In May we'll see Flotillas dropping anchor in the harbours around the island and Tour Operator groups transfering from Ceph to here. Vathy and Stavros are always open for business, no matter what time of the year, and Frikes is almost ready for the Season, but Kioni is still very quiet, with only Spavento Bar, the mini market and Sentouky Boutique, putting life into the place. Restaurants are now slowly preparing their bayside spaces and soon, Kioni too, will resemble the village all Kioni lovers know as the Summer hub in the north.
Some distressing news for a British woman who has had her Vathy house burgled for the 3rd time. The woman returned from a short trip to the Uk to discover her Store Room and Laundry had been cleaned out. Thieves, beware of blonde on the war path.
Only a few more days of Winter on Ithaca left. Yes, it's almost time for the Summer Lodown. The countdown begins to the Who's Here, Around the Villages and Ithaki General. Who knows what great times we'll have on Ithaki over this coming Summer, but one thing is for sure, if my camera doesn't get smashed by an angry local from Kioni, you'll see all the fun right here on ithacagreece.coms' Summer Lodown 2007. No need to buckle up, you're in for a smooth ride.
Fri 27 April - Can't believe just how quickly the months are passing. Only a few days left to Summer Lodown. Below - Vathy bay in the south, and further down, Raxi in the north.
Above - Jessica is taking a short break from setting up Isalos Cafe Bar in Frikes, which she and her partner Spilios, have taken over this year. She's smiling, so it can't be too stressful, even though the bar is still at the carpenters. Jessica and Spilio are praying for a May 1,2 or 3 opening, so if you see the chairs in the courtyard and on the bayside, and smell the coffee brewing, stop in and say 'hi'. Did I hear Strudel?
Sun 29 Apr - Right - Brunch in Platrithia. 2 people turn to 4 and increase to 6 and then 8,9 and 10. A mid morning get together over breakfast/lunch is a great way to shake off the week.
Many people on the island currently for the big 1st of May holiday, also the first Flotillas have sailed into Kioni and Vathy. Rental car drivers driving on the wrong side of the road and people with maps wanting directions. All roads on Ithaca either lead to Kioni or Vathy, you can't get lost. Along the way, the few villages of Ithaca, there really aren't many, will be passed through.
Visitors to Ithaca, sit back and enjoy the ride, but on the right side of the road PLEASE.
Breakfast at Yefuri - Brunch actually







Mon 30 Apr - Left - Just one of the views from around the hills of Raxi with Marmaka bay in the distance and a little further on, Lefkada. Below - A couple of Aussies who like to hang around Frikes, one with a backpack, another with a bar stool, drinking April goodbye. Doesn't life look just too hard on Ithaca?
Left - Poppy from Rementzo enjoys a joke with a Brit. Neil (the brit) has planted his feet on Ithaca for the next few months, but he's still trying to get his head around the layed back lifestyle of the island. Best drink another beer while he's working it all out.
...And here we say goodbye to Winter on Ithaca 2006 - 2007. We've had no snow this year, very few black-sky days, even fewer rainy days, no isolation, a few earth tremors to keep us on our feet, and more than the usual Winter holidayers, traveling because the weather has been too fine to stay at home and hibernate. Was it Winter, was it Autumn, who knows, but whatever it was, it's over now and time to get onto the coming season with Summer Lodown. See you all on Page 1. (You can find Summer Lodown from the hOME ithaca greece menu or from the Navigation menu at the top of most pages.)
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