Easter in spring time on Ithaca. Winter holidays on the Greek Island of Ithaca - October - May 2007
Winter on Ithaca 2006 - 2007
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Fri 6 Apr - Good Friday today and the rainy weather seems to be clearing up, but for the past 2 days it's been chilly and wet. It hasn't stopped the influx of people coming to the island for the Easter celebrations however. Ithaca is alive with the sound of church bells and traffic noises.
No parting of the water miracle in my street unfortunately, nor am I blessed with the ability to walk on water so it's get my feet wet or sleep in the street. This puddle is as deep as a lake. Splash! Photo Left - Niko from Athens and Manuele from Milano arrive on Ithaki for Easter with their families.
Above - Country Stavros
Above - Last nights Liturgy of the 12 Apostles in Kioni. Each day, through the Big Week of Easter, there are church services leading up to Easter Sunday. Right Top - Kioni lights across the bay. Right Bottom - Frikes lights.
Sat 7 Apr - Last night Ithaca watched as Judas burned in Kioni during the Easter, Good Friday celebration. Click here or on photo right for more.
Left - Nick is here from Melbourne. We caught up with him in Exoghi. He's here for a little work, a little play and alot of Easter.
If today is any sign, then the weather will be spectacular for Easter Sunday. Lamb on the Spit wafting from village to hillside.
Above - The new kids on the block, Spilios and Jessica. This coming Season they'll be running Isalos Cafe Bar in Frikes, between Fiorendinos Bar and Symposium Restaurant. They'll be offering some fresh and natural ideas to the bayside village.
Easter Sunday 8th April 2007 - Below - George from Spavento Bar in Kioni. You'd think that sleepless nights with bar and twins would hinder him a little from being this excited, but George has stamina. Seems he has the combined stamina of Ithaca, well at least, Kioni.
Above Left - Billy and friends take in a drink at Spavento Bar while they wait for midnight resurrection. Above Right - Even the Italians are coming to Ithaca to see what Easter is about.
Left - Last night at midnight, candles were lit to celebrate the Resurrection. Click here or on photo left for more photographs.

Easter Sunday

What great weather today for Easter Sunday. Blue skies and warm sunshine. Ithaki couldn't have planned it better. There was such a great feel around the island, it was impossible not to get caught up in the Easter celebrations. Lamb on the Spit, the traditional red dyed eggs, families and friends getting together. New friends made, old friendships further cemented with occasion, and visitors to the island, welcomed into the Easter belly of Ithaki. Click here or pic below for more.

Mon 9 Apr - Below - One day this rocky track will be destined to be a road, but for now, it's still a great path, winding up and over the hills of Frikes to Marmaka Bay, once (a long long time ago) a Club Med destination.
Blue skies, lamb on the Spit and Easter Kefi on Ithaca
Above - The happy Culligan and Geoghegan families from Ireland and the UK. At Easter time on Ithaca, you just never know who will show up, but one thing is for sure, whoever it is and wherever they are from, they come with big smiles and open hearts.
Above - The floating jetty in Frikes. Not the best thing ever made that's for sure, and it's had its problems, but it does give the yachts coming into Frikes during the season, a place to dock when the real jetty on the other side of the bay is full.
Tue 10 Apr - Another sunny and warm day on Ithaca. Off come the coats and out come the colours. April brings the seasonal afternoon wind, that, usually brings the temps down a bit, but in the sun, it's quite warm. Lots of people still on the island, but most left yesterday. The businesses around the island boast good crowds, thus, Easter was a big success for them. Another earhtquake, this time in Messologhi, almost across the way from Ithaki, on the mainland. 5.9 on the Richter scale, but no one felt the rumble here.
Left - The 'not so little anymore', Anna Maria, with mum Kiki, and dad, Oz. Kiki and Oz have been working hard at Kikis Mini Market all winter. No rest for these two dedicated locals, well just a little break for lunch after a long morning serving in the shop. They deserve that at least.
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