Winter time on the Greek island of Ithaca. Kioni Stavros, Vathy, Lefki, Frikes, Perahori and all the other villages. 2006
  Winter on Ithaca 2006 - 2007
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Kioni Time












The skies may be a little misty, but Kioni is still as beautiful as ever in October on Ithaca
Fri 7 Oct Cont - Above - there is no doubt that Kioni is one of the most picturesque seaside villages in the Ionian. Those who come to stay are tempted to come again and again. The people are wonderful and so are the views. What more can one ask when on holiday on a Greek Island. Kioni is surrounded by a still blue bay, decorated with colourful fishing boats, and lush green mountains climb up behind the village. From Raxi at the apex of Kioni, a birds eye view and the classic photographs of Kioni Bay are taken by every visitor that has ever stepped foot in the north.
Right - Dimitris Danis (Chez Manu Restaurant and Independent Director/Producer of artistic projects) takes a coffee break at Odysseas Cafe in Vathy.
Above - Dimitris Danis, formerly of Kioni now an established Vathy Resident.
Above - L - R - Henrietta, Adrian, Sharon and David are enjoying a well earned break at Lykoudi apartments in Kioni. Adrian and Sharon are here from the UK and Henrietta and David from France.
Above - Clouds swell up around the fullish moon over Platrithia as Friday night turns into Saturday. The mild night tempts people out and about around the villages.

2006 Local Election Candidates in Alphabetical order -

Candidate for Mayor - Daouzis, Panaghis - Council Members - A. Argiros, G. Veronis, T. Blassopoulos, S. Grivas, H. Daouzis, S. Delaportas, A. Doriza, I. Doriza, N. Doukas, S. Kalofonou, S. Kandiliotis, V. Kouvaras, I Marmaris, P. Molfesis, N. Balaora, G. Noutsatos, A. Paizi.

Candidate for Mayor - Lourantos, Nikolaos - Council Members - K. Vlahou, A. Vlisma, D. Gouna, G. Douglas, A. Desalermos, K. Karavia, A. Karavuas, G. Karavias, D. Lourandos, A. Lourantou, G. Maroulis, A. Mavrokefalos, D. Molfesis, A. Paxinos, A. Saranti.

Candidate for Mayor - Mavrokefalos, Epameinondas - Council Members - A. Antonatou, R. Varvarigos, F. Fotis, S. Dalesis, A. Douka, A. Kannelos, S. Karavias, S. Kokonis, G. Kontomihalou, E. Dakou, E. Papanellopoulou, G. Patsalias, A. Fileki, G. Hanos.

Candidate for Mayor - Skliros, Christos - Council Members - F. Andrianatos, Z. Griva, D. Delaportas, I. Delaportas, Z. Drigianos, A. Kallinikos, D. Konidari, S. Kouvaras, D. Lila, O. Mavromati, S. Paizi, S. Servou, A. Taflambas, S. Tsintilas.

Candidate for Mayor - Vasilopoulos, Georgios - Council Members - M. Gavanozi, E. Grivas, N. Grivas, G. Dendrinos, N. Dendrinos, A. Dendrinou, B. Theoforatou, K. Kanelos, P. Karali, S. Koutsouvli, C. Kostiri, O. Kostopoulos, E. Livanis, D. Liotsos, X. Manias, A. Metaxa.

Sun 8 Oct - Yesterday was grey, rainy and just a little miserable if the intent was to spend the day at the beach, but perfect for staying home and curling up with a good book. The rain drizzled all through the day. In the distance, the amplified Election propaganda passed by in a Ute and the lights occasionally flickered and dimmed as the bad weather settled over the island. It was the first night, the chill reminded us of Winter not too far away.
Mon 9 Oct - Above - Not an accidental fire. It's burning off time around the island as we head towards the olive picking season. Yesterday it rained most of the day and it looks like it may continue for a couple of more days. Summer has put a good fight so far with sunny and mild weather dominating our days, but I think Autumn is now insisting on taking center stage. Last nights' chill was proof of that.
Moon over Stavros
Playing with the light
Tue 10 Oct - Street corners, notice boards and trees are plastered with more faces of our 'Would Be' Leaders. Left - Dionysis Georgatos, Dionysis Lefkaditis and Theodoros Galatiatos. Below Left - Makis Paxinos and Sortiris Kouris. Below - The empty stand of Ithakis Anti Party. No speeches. No meeting. No plans for our future.
The predicted rain and storms held off yesterday until night, when thunder and a sudden downpour made it clear that the night would be spent indoors. Many restaurants and Bars are now closing early week and some, like Yefuri in Platrithia, is closing its' doors completely after tonight, for the winter that is. A big shame for the locals who were looking forward to the cosy nights in front of the open fire. As the island begins to go into hibernation, there's a certain melancholy that tints the colour of the island.
Wed 11 Oct - As you drive out of Vathy towards the villages, it's Mr. Alexandros Parisis (Left) face that looks down on you all the way to the Service station. Another Candidate for the Prefecture.
While the seas were churning up a big swell and crashing up against the rocks in the north of the island, down south, it was calm and tranquil. Still more yachts make their way into Ithaki.
Vathy Bay
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