October on Ithaki in Greece. What to expect when spending a Winter on Ithaca. 2006
  Winter on Ithaca 2006 - 2007
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Saturday morning 21 Oct
Sunday morning 22 Oct
Last weekend saw people returning by the ferry load to cast their vote for the Local Elections, this weekend, the final count, fewer have decided to make the effort. Booths close at 7pm and by 9pm we should know who will be the next Mayor of Ithaca, P. Daouzis or G. Vasilopoulos, and who will represent Ithaca in the Region, Mr. Georgatos or Mr. Parisi.
Although the day started out with blue skies and a little sunshine, it doesn't look too hopeful for the rest of the day with dark clouds rolling in over Ithaki again before 11am.
By next weekend, all the Holiday companies will have recalled their Reps, and Meet and Greets, Laundry runs and Welcome Packs will be forgotten for another year.

Sun 22 Oct 10.22pm - New Mayor of Ithaki is Georgios Vasilopoulos. Last count was around 54% - Council Members - A. Gavanozi, N. Grivas, N. Dendrinos, K. Kanelos, C. Kostiri, O. Kostopoulos, E. Livanis, A. Metaxa.

Georgatos (Pasok) has won the Regional Vote as Normarchy Kefalonia/Ithaca with also around 54%.

Tue 24 Oct - Calm seas and mostly blue skies again today, with a lovely 23 degrees C. Above - Vathy Bay, mostly quiet on the seafront. Guess passions are a little drained now that the Election frenzy is over. It's been a hectic few weeks of Talking Heads.
Above - Katerina Vlassopoulou, usually seen in Frikes sporting a delicious tray of food a la Penelope, seen here in Vathy town, with the ' mummy' look, the new fashion trend on the island which seems to be catching on.
Wed 25 Oct - Above - Heading up the Bell tower in Exoghi while many of the locals are in the olive groves combing down the branches for olives. Yes, it's olive picking time on Ithaca. It's hard work, but Ithakis' olive oil is worth the effort.
Above - Vasilis Drakatos from Exoghi, gets in deep during Olive picking season.
Above - working hard as a labourer on Ithaca has its benefits too. Sometimes the view is just too great to be left unnoticed. Exoghi is on top of the world... at least on top of our little world.
Below Left - Looking down onto Aphales Bay in the north of Ithaca.








Left - There are still some grand old homes left on the island. You never know you will find when you scratch the surface a little. Underneath the new paint, you could well find very old wall paintings such as those left and above. It's good to see old homes restored to their former glory.
Since September, teachers have been on strike around the country. In protest, High School students decided to do the same. With exams ahead, tutoring schools will have their work cut out for them.
Fri 27 Oct - Ithaki is experiencing its almost annual Indian Summer. It's damp, hot and damp, sticky and damp. It's so warm that some people are heading back to the beaches for a swim.
It's more like Spring than Autumn at the moment. On Sunday, Daylight Saving ends and we'll be in the winter darkness by 6pm, so let's enjoy this while it lasts.
Yesterday started off with low lying cloud and mist covering the island, but by midday it had all cleared to a very warm and summery day. Lots of bugs, slugs, flies and other insects that creep, crawl and buzz. Only true sign of an approaching winter was yesterdays' power failure. Seems someone cutting trees took down a light pole near Lefki, first leaving all the island without electricity, but then only the north of the island (surprise, surprise) until around 4pm. without our state of the art electric pumping system, it was back to the Well for water.
For those interested, here are the Ithaca Council Members voted in by the majority.
Mayor - Georgios Vasilopoulos, Agelika Griva-Metaxa, Nikos Tsintilas, Christina Kostiri, Vagelis LIvanis, Omiros Kostopoulos, Anta Gavanozi, Nektarios Grivas, Nikos Dendrinos or Kostas Kanellos.
Panos Daouzis, Spiros Kandiliotis, Batistas Kouvaras.
Christos Sliros, Alexandros Taflambas
Seems the Kioni ghost is traveling south. He, she, it or Arab, was last seen in Stavros.
Sat 28 Oct - Today is Oxi Day. The Annual Oxi day parade is on in Vathy. Oxi Day celebrates the 'NO' Metaxa said to the Italians during WWII.
Left - Looking around from the top of the world yesterday was a great way to escape the lowlands and the low pressure system that has made humidity very high these past days. For more pics Click Here or on photograph left.
Right - The Oxi Day Celebration. Click Here or on photograph Right for more pics of this mornings Parade. the skies were grey, but Vathy was exploding with colour for todays' National Day of Celebration.
Above - The Sea Plane servicing Ithaca, has opened up the travel channels, not only for tourists, but for locals wanting to take a trip for a weekend. Below - Pagona Vlisma looks relaxed after a busy Season at Paliocaravo Restaurant (Gregorys) on the bay in Vathy. Locals from Vathy to Kioni are now chilling out. The Holiday Season is well and truly over. Yesterday, the last tour bus for this year, drove through the streets of Ithaki and today, Charter flights from the UK and elsewhere stop service to Cephalonia until next year. It's all quiet on the home front.

Sun 29 Oct - Left - The Kioni ghost goes walkabout. Oooooooooooh. The ghost has been the talk of Kioni town. There's been speculation and conjecture, but here's the proof. A real authentic ghost caught on Fuji. No one fear, the ghost is harmless and only seeks companionship. He's been lonely for centuries and heard that Ithaca is a friendly place.

You think this is funny? Well, stop laughing right now. No, the water supply has not been spiked with some illicit hallucinogen. There are people that take the ghost very seriously and are so concerned that they have summoned help from men in uniform. Personally, I don't mind someone/something under the sheet, especially now that Winter is coming on and my feet are getting cold.
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