Wintery days in Greece. Life on a greek island during the winter of 2007. Ithaca, Ithaki, Ithaque, Ithaka.  
  Winter on Ithaca 2006 - 2007
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Sat 10 Mar - What can be said about Vathy? Many things, but what comes to mind on a calm day is how serene this Capital town is.
Above - Maki from Margarita Cafe in Stavros takes a leisurely stroll with fellow Stavros local, Demetri.

Sun 11 Mar - As the weather begins to open up, more familiar faces are showing their faces in the streets around Ithaca. Left - Spiros local from Kioni, but also a medical practitioner living in Athens, does a 'once around' the bayside of Kioni to take in the sunshine. In a couple of months, he won't have the luxury of having the Kioni bayside views to himself.

Below Left - Kioni Bayside is picture perfect be it Winter, Spring, Autumn of Summer. This small northern village seems to capture the hearts and imagination of many guests coming to Ithaca, so much so that many decide Ithaca is a place they could imagine making their Greek island home on.

Mon 12 Mar - If you haven't heard, we have another major franchise open its doors in Vathy. Germanos. The mobile phone and camera people.
Click here or on photo above for a Winter Special just for the fun of it. You can always make time to look at something beautiful.

Tue 13 Mar - It's snipping time on the island again with Ithaki Cats Neutering program. Today Stavros tomorrow the world, well, Kioni actually and then Vathy. Rumour has it that wives are booking in their husbands. Ow!! Above Left - Ester looking a little exhausted after a full 2 of days with cats, vets and student vets from the Netherlands doing the deed. Above right - Night falls over Frikes. Below - Stavros lights in the early evening.
For locals on the island, please note that there will be a 'power out' on Friday between 1pm and 4pm. The entire island will be without electricity during this time.

Thu 15 Mar - Below - Vathinians relax in the town square and why not, the town clock has been ticking 10 to 1 for the past few weeks. Lunch time. Below Left - Eleni, Vathy hairdresser to the stars and bridal groups is sporting a new hairdo herself for this season. Very nice.

More sunny days around Ithaca, flowers blossoming in every patch of grass, but it's a bitter sweet taste of Spring this year with little rainfall over the winter. The weather is the number one conversation on the island.
Picture left - Hamilton House in Kioni seen through the trees. Above - Mavrona Beach and bay below the village of Raxi with the old disused water desalinization plant growing weeds in the background.







Above - Aetos Beach in the south of the island, nestled under a row of shady olive trees which line the roadside. Above right - Ithaki Cats neutering has set up in Kioni thanks to the contribution of an apartment to be used as the surgery for the Dutch vets at Maroudas Apartments. Not only cats are going under the knife this time 'round, but also dogs, who are unfortunately leaving their fear all over the path outside the apartments. Man-size fear. Watch your step!
Below - Frikes has been asleep since November last year, but now as we approach Easter, the harbour side village is slowly springing to life again. No parties in the streets, but there are a few locals wandering about.
Fri 16 Mar - What a great time to be on the island. Sunny and warm days, calm seas and the traditional feel of Ithakis villages, certifies we live in a very special place.

Traveling through the tiny back streets of Vathy, that wind up the hills around the bay, beautiful views of the town below reveal themselves around every bend. The road to Matzarata gives a different perspective to the bayside of Vathy from its hillside perch.


Over the past couple of years, Frikes has come into its own with many visitors to Ithaca choosing a more traditional holiday environment. Frikes definitely offers that and more. The village locals and shop owners, welcome new friendships and thrive off them during the season. A Summer in Frikes is always interesting.

Sat 17 Mar - What do you do with a 3 hour power cut? Well, go for a drive, a walk, go fishing maybe, you do whatever you can that stops you sitting around twiddling your thumbs...or for the poor sick people who have been struck down by a flu that doesn't quit, just pull the covers over your head and sleep away the afternoon.

With prior notice of the power cut it wasn't too bad, but just when you think you can organize around it, the power goes off again at 6pm for another half hour without any notice. There goes the DVD, the reverse cycle airconditioner, the TV, the pc fan, the stereo....

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