Ithaca Greece. Summer happenings on the Greek island of Ithaca, Ithaki 2005

Who's Here 2005

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Ithaca Summer Fun
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Fri 5 Aug - Above - Peter Fatouras once lived in Sydney Australia, then Stavros Ithaca and now back in Sydney again, but you can't take Ithaca out of the boy that easily. Peter is back for a long summer before he heads back to Australia to work with either Babbi or Haralambos always near by.
Vagelio is here on Ithaca from Patras until mid to end of August getting to know her grand daughter Ariadne and helping her daughter Poppy to get some much needed sleep inbetween her shifts at the restaurant. Oh, what would a girl do without her mum.
Fri 6 Aug - Above L - R - Yianni, Litsa and Lucas ham it up for the camera. Litsa and Lucas are on Ithaca for their Summer break from studies. Litsa is studying Conservation of Antiquities and Sites, and Luca, Architecture.
Above - Spiros and Paula are here to marry in August. Spiros Raftopoulos is the son of the late, Stathis Raftopoulos of Kolieri, and Paulas' roots are in Ag. Sarantas. From their lives in Australia and South Africa, they met on Ithaca and fell in love.
Above - It's not Summer in the north without party girls, Mandy and Elizabeth on the island. These girls come every year to shake things up from Kioni to Frikes.
Above - Georgia is back again this year for her extended Summer stay in Kioni. Another Australian/Greek who longs to be on Ithaki
Sun 7 Aug - Above - Niko finally takes a decent break from Athens work commitments to see his wife Julia and daughter Anastasia.
Andriana and Christos are fresh off the boat from Patras where they live and work. First stop Frikes where Christos sister Poppy runs Rementzo...oh and Nektarios too.
Above - Evita and Niko escape Athens for the Summer. Niko has been coming to Ithaki since a child to visit his family around the northern island.
Above - Juan and Alexander. Juan sails into Ithaki on a regular basis during the Summer, always bringing some new and interesting people with him.
Above - Nadia and Ryan certainly look happy to be back on the island. First question on everyones' lips? When are you getting married. Answer? Soon.
Above - Nooz is here from the UK, just outside of London. She's studied all about Odysseus and now gets to see the island from which this myth originated.
Above - Stuart is here from Melbourne, Australia. His roots are in the Siciotis family from Stavros.
Above - Spirithoula is another Melbournian who visits Ithaca regularly. Her family tree stems from the area of Parata.
Tue 10 Aug - Julia from 'Antikeimeno Tzoulia' in Frikes, takes some time out with her brother in-law, Manuel, who has just come to Ithaki from Milan, Italy. Manuel and Julia have more than family relations in common. They are both first time parents, Julia to a baby daughter and Manuel to a baby son.
Above - Kate Fitzgerald is happy to be back on Ithaca with her husband Patrick, daughter Anita and son, Ryan.
Above - Patrick Fitzgerald, looking relaxed and ready for the Summer on Ithaca. For a change of scenery, he heads inland for dinner.
There is alot of coming and going on Ithaki. Many new faces. Old faithfuls and newcomers cramming around the Port at Piso Aetos vying for a seat on the Kefalonia.
Going with the flow
Thur 11 Aug - More and more people are discovering Ithaki and falling in love with it. although here on the island, we think this is a busy time, for tourists having battled through ferry trips and Mykonos or Santorini, know what 'Really Busy' really means. Ithaca is still a place where a little solitude can be found...after the arrival at Piso Aetos. The small port is struggling to keep up with the traffic demands. Oh well, only a few more weeks and the island will be left for the locals and the goats, and after a couple of weeks relaxing off the Summer rush, the island will be reminiscing about the Summer gone and all who have visited during the season. As is usual on Ithaki, friendships are being formed and promises to return, made. Who's Here is a great place to remember the faces of Summer 2005 on Ithaca Greece.
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