Ithaca Greece. Summer happenings on the Greek island of Ithaca, Ithaki 2005

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Ithaca Summer Fun
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Wed 20 July - Left - Natasha Styliano is on Ithaki this year to marry her long time boyfirend Jo Farrah before family and friends this coming weekend. She celebrated with a Hens night last night at Soris Way Creperie in Stavros where she gathered all her girlfirends, sister (R) and mum Zoe while future husband, Jo and the boys entertained themselves elsewhere.
Thu 21 July - The Attack of the Sleeper Campervanners. Imagine 100 of these on the island. Nothing against Campers, but Ithaca isn't set up for them. The roads are narrow, very narrow, there are no camping areas other than Filiatro past Vathy (and that's made more for tent campers than van campers), and Ithaca has no place for them to go to the loo, so what on earth will they do on the island, other than get stuck between the scrub and the stone walls and force cars off the road. Signs are going up at Polis Beach prohibiting them as at other beaches, so most times they just park on the side of the road, leaving the council workers to gather up their toilet paper.
Holiday homes on the move
Below - Stuart is here from the UK visiting his sister Victoria who is here for the Summer staying in Exoghi. He's a supportive brother.
Thu 21 July - Below - I hope I'm right to say that this is Thanasi from Athens. First time I think I've forgotten a name. Shame on me!
Below - This is Mike from Sydney here with the Kouvaras boys to spend the Summer. He's a Jeweller who'll still have another 8 wks here.
Left - Toni and Jim are here from Melbourne, Australia, staying at Toni's family house in Ag. Ioannis. they are here with their 4 children.
Fri 22 July - Left - Steve, Tomi and Trisha are here from Wales. For Steve and Tomi, it's their 3rd visit to Ithaca, but Trish started her love affair with the island in 1978. In those days, Trish worked in Vathy at the Mentor Hotel, Until she married Steve and had her son Tomi, Trish came back each year to revisit the places she loves, to eat the food she loves and meet the people she's met over her long relationship with Ithaki. Her favorite area on the island is Kolieri. It was Trish who introduced Gillian to Ithaca. Ag. Sarantas Summer local for 20 years,
Sat 23 July - Above - Jean and Isabelle are veteran travelers to Ithaca. Their first time to Ithaca was an incredible 38 years ago, but for the past 7 years they have come annually to stay at Lefki Cottages with the beautiful Lefki sunsts just outside the door. They are here from Paris where they visit hOME ithaca greece website regularly and make up the online community of lovers of Ithaki worldwide.
Above - Once Parata, now Stavros local Lila Alimantiri with long time friend Veroni, visiting from Macedonia, and sister Danai from Athens. Danai is no stranger to the island. She comes regularly at various time of the year either with or without her husband Frangisco and daughter Maria. Like Lila, Danai has strong roots planted on Ithaki
More campervans squeeze through the narrow streetsof Ithaki. This time in the mainstreet of Frikes.
Below left - Lorraine and Kiveli are here from Athens. Lorraine Alimantiri runs an up and coming Art Gallery in Athens and is making quite a name for herself in the Greek art culture. She's here with her 1 year old daughter for a month on a working holiday and to catch up with her parents Lila and Andrea and her sister Ageliki who runs Tehnima Jewellery Shop with her husband Dimosthenis in Kioni. Lorraine has herself, been coming to Ithca since she was a baby.
Tue 26 July - Above - Colin and Chris. are here from Aberdeen, Scotland, staying at Lahos and enjoying the beauty of Ithaki. They are here by invitation from Chris' boss, Steve (Cafe 52) of which Chiris is one the the Managers.. Colins' recent post is working in Needle Excjhange, but on Ithaca was entertainment for some of the locals who either feared, or were intrigued by his large nose ring. In the short week they have been here, these sweet guys let loose a little city stress and have taken on the chill of the island.
From mother to child to mother to child
Above - Georgette is a regular visitor from South Africa.. She spends around 5 months of the year on the island where she has friends and family. Georgette adds a little class to Frikes nightlife.
Above - Aki Vasilopoulos comes back to Ithaca to concentrate on his photography after travelling around Europe discovering art.
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