Ithaca Greece. Summer happenings on the Greek island of Ithaca, Ithaki 2005

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Ithaca Summer Fun
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JULY 2005
Wed 6 July - Above - The Australians do the rounds. trying out the kitchens around the northern villages. They are a happy and fun loving crowd spreading good cheer around the place out of the mere joy of being on the island.
Arousing Greek roots
Steven Bothwell - London, UK
Above - Steven Bothwell from Cafe 52 in Aberdeen gets to know the locals at Gefyri Restaurant and Cafe in Platrithia.
Thur 7 July - Nionio once lived on Ithaki before falling in love with an English girl and moving to England, now he gets back when he can to visit old friends.
L - R - Keith, Harvey, Carolin, and Joyce are on Ithaki from Cheshire, UK. Each year they holiday on a Greek island, this year it's Ithakis turn. They discovered the island on a day trip of Lefkas last year.
Now that school is out for Summer, Sonia is back on the island from Switzerland. She couldn't wait to see what her friends Andy and Mark had achieved with their new restaurant Gefyri, so she headed out of Kioni and straight into Platrithia for dinner
Fri 8 July - Father and daughter, Aki and Natasha join their family holidaying in Platrithia, their ancestral home. Aki lives in Athens with his wife Zoe and son Stephen, but Natasha has made her home in the States with her not too distant future husband. The wedding is this month on Ithaca..
More wedding bells this month
Above - Stephen, Natashas' brother and his girlfriend, Kassiani.
Athena and Dimitris are here from South Africa enjoying the company of their Ithacan friends.
Cousins unite
Left - L - R - Irene, Chandra, Gerasimos, John and Johnny. This happy fivesome are sharing Rhoda House this week. Cousins getting together. South Africa meets Australia in Kioni and why not, It's their grandfathers' house. For Johnny, it's the first time on Ithaca, but the rest have had more visits than they can count on all their hands together.
Right - Matt Evans is a UK photographer here on assignement. What a life. He gets to capture Ithaca on film (probably bytes) for the Greek Islands Club brochure. So on your next holiday to Ithaki, you'll know the face behind the pics that make yuo want to come to the island.
Sat 9 July - Meeting for a coffee at Spavento from Melbourne, Lamia and Athens. Above - L - R - Fleur, Pano and Jessica. Off for a swim at Mavrona and Ag. Ioanni.
Summer Holidays
Below - Sam and Cassy have been here for 2 weeks with their Australian/Greek friend Margarita. They're off again on Tuesday, but before they go there's still food and coke to be had.
Sun 10 July- Above - Vassilis returns home to Ithaki for the Summer holidays. He's studying Management in Patras which keeps him busy and away from the island more than he would like.
Above - Vikki is here from Aberdeen taking a break from work. She's Cafe52 Manager, here with her friend and boss on holiday, getting her yearly hit of sun and sea.
These three cathc up with everything that's going on, on the island, through the site. I caught up with them over a late evening dinner at Rementzo in Frikes.
Tue 12 July - Right - Yiorgos from Athens and Kaliopi and Adonis currently from the UK finishing their PHDs, but usually from Athens. Yiorgos has his ithacan roots in Lefki and Adonis' family tree stems from Stavros. Kaliopi is a lover of Ithaca to which she was introduced by her partner, Adonis.
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