Ithaca Greece. Summer happenings on the Greek island of Ithaca, Ithaki 2005

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Ithaca Summer Fun
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July is nearly over
Thu 28 July - Left - Dionisis Raftopoulos is a well known Summer local who spends his time in Frikes. He's here from Melbourne, Australia.
Right - George Kostopoulos (left) is back again this year, leaving Sydney for his home in Aphales.
A Family Holiday
Below - Aleka spent 22 years in Melbourne Australia. She is originally from Exoghi where she spends her Summers. The other 6 months are spent in Patras. Her home since 1985.
Sat - 30 July - Below - Poppy, George and Jerome from Athens, spend some family time in Frikes.
Fri 29 July - Below - 2 year old Georgie and his mum Effi Marie are here from Athens for a holiday. Effi Marie is originally from South Africa, but has made Greece her home for many, many years.
Sun 31 July - This is the time of the year when many return from the mainland to their Ithacan homes. ithacans, who through necessity, have moved to other parts of Greece for work or career opportunities. A mass home coming that is celebrated from late July to mid August, when the holiday break ends and Ithaca once again begins to decrease its' population.
Left - Joao and Anita , almost newly weds, are fresh off the boat. Anita is no stranger to the island, she's been coming for many Summers to stay in her family home in the north. These two take in some quality time before the entire family come to join them on Ithaca next week.
Mon 1 August - Right - Peter and Katherine are here from Melbourne. Katherines roots are from Crete, but Peter is from Ithacas Raftopoulos clan, Platrithia, where he has a family home. It's been 4 years since they have been to Ithaca and
from the smiles on their faces, they are happy to be back. We caught up with them while they paid a visit to cousin Niko (Elvis) in Frikes. Peter and Katherine are here for just 1 week, but have already visited Santorini and Crete on their Greek holiday.
Above - Angelique and Cassy. Angelique is back again for some more Summer fun and relaxation, away from Athens and the bustle of city life. Cassy is here from Pyrgos in the Peleponnese, where she has decided to live for awhile. Cassy is another Raftopoulos with the Ithacan/Melbourne connection, who has strong roots in northern Ithaca.
  Found a rock and some rope so i made a necklace
Tue 2 Aug - Above - Mario and his sister Lucrecia take holidays together as a means of seeing each other. Lucrecia lives in Naples with her son and husband, and Mario lives in LA, where he is a session musician as violinist. He plays on movie soundtracks and has also featured on albums by Bjork and the like. This brother/sister duo was born in Washington DC and and live thousands of miles apart, but this year, Ithaki does its' bit to bring them together.
Above - L - R - Tzovenia, Loula, Pantofili, Freda and George. Friends enjoy dinner and a cool breeze down in Frikes. Loula, George and Freda are on Ithaca from Melbourne Australia, Pantofili is from Athens and here to visit her mother Tzovenia from Ag. Sarantas. Freda was born in Lahos, but has lived in Australia since she was very young. She's visiting her relatives and spending quality time with her mother Artemisia who still lives in the northern Ithacan village of Lahos..
Above - Luisella is originally from Abruzzo, but now lives in Rome, Italy with her Welsh husband and young son. In Italy, she makes stained glass, but on Ithaca, she thrills with her amazing cooking talents. This is Luisellas' 3rd time on Ithaki.
Above - Maria is part of the Athenian exodus for the Summer. This local girl lives and works in Athens, but comes back for the holidays to visit with family and the many friends she has on Ithaca.
Wed 3 Aug - Owner of Mentor Cafe in Kioni, Diamanto, and waitress, Illiana take a moment in a busy day, to smile for the camera. Diamanto spends half her time on Ithaca and the other half in Athens.
Above - Illias is another fresh arrival. He's a local boy who is making his life in the UK now as a sound engineer to well known bands both in the UK and on tour. See what can happen when you're a dj at an Ithacan Club in your youth?
Above - Maria is here from Athens working at her cousin Poppys' restaurant in Frikes on the dinner shift. Maria has been coming to Ithaca with her parents Danai and Frangisco since she was a tiny tot. Ithaca is almost her second home. While her parents are in Athens, Maria stays with her aunt Lila and uncle Andreas in Stavros.
Above - L - R - Kalikopi, Nancy and Kaliopi. Counsins enjoying a night out together. Kaliopi (R) currently lives in the UK, but is an Athens girl, as are Kaliopi (L) and Nancy, but currently lives in the UK. All three girls were introduced to Ithaca by Kaliopis' (R) boyfriend Adonis, who is back in the UK after his holiday on Ithaca.
Thu 4 Aug - Above - Haris dropped in on Porto Thiaki Ouzerie in Frikes last night with his guitar and friends to play some songs for the locals. An intimate atmosphere in the cool of the night over some beers and good food.
Singing up a storm
The month of August brings some familiar faces back to the island.
Left - Kaliopi grew up in Lahos, but now lives in Athens full time teaching English at a Tutoring School. She's here for the holiday period until a wedding mid August will drag her back to Athens. Kaliopi gets a chance to visit with all the friends she grew up with on the island.
Right - Alex is on Ithaca working at Spavento Bar in Kioni, where his big smile will definately warm the chill off the weary traveler. His connection to Ithaca is via Vathy, but as the Summer heats up, his fan club is in Kioni on the bay.
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