Ithaca Greece. Summer happenings on the Greek island of Ithaca, Ithaki 2005

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Ithaca Summer Fun
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It's still June...
Wed 22 June - Left - Freda is here from Melbourne, Australia, visiting her mother and her many other relatives who live in the northern villages of Ithaca. We caught up with her down south in Vathy on a shopping bonanza. Freda is on the island until early August.
Thu 23 June - Right - (Left) Ryan came from the UK to visit his school friend Christina (Right) who is staying with a Greek family in Lahos for the entire Summer.
Left - Angela and Brian are regular holidayers in Kioni. They make the most out of their break from the stresses of ordinary life by relaxing over a drink at Spavento.
Sat 26 June - Right - This very interesting and charming group of friends are here from the UK on their first Independent attempt at holidaying on Ithaki, but by no means their first time to the island.. R - L - Adrian Lunney is a Writer and I hear, also a guitarist, David Richardson, a Carpenter, not from the 70's group, but a real live craftsman, his partner Henrietta Stuart, who is a Painter, the artistic kind, not the house kind, and Shari Lunney who works as a Career Consultant and is an admitted addictee to this site. They are here for 2 weeks, getting a village experience this holiday.
Right - Nina and David are here from Melbourne Australia. Nina is from one of the Vlassopoulos' clan of Lahos, she is also a friend of Lucky, 'Big Wednesday' collaborator and man of the hour at Polis Beach where he sets up umbrellas and sun lounges for the sun seeker. Saturday night we caught up with Nina and David at Bemenis in Frikes, enjoying some laughs and a few drinks with friends.
Left - Michael is Ninas and Davids' best man, he's also here from Melbourne.
Right - Illias is more like a local than a visitor. He seems to spend almost as much time on Ithaki as he does in Patras. Look at him kick back to enjoy the mild weathered Saturday night in Frikes.
Bemenis in Frikes
Summer Lodown Who's Here welcomes the faces and stories of visitors who come to Ithaki
Mon 27 June - Above - Angelique is on Ithaca from Athens and in Athens from Melbourne where she used to live until she moved to Greece with her family 3 years ago. Her Ithacan roots stem from Exoghi where she loves to spend time when she's on the island. While Angelique waits for her papers to practice nursing in Greece, she's decided to do some waitressing for the Summer season in Kioni, at Spavento Bar .
Tue 28 June - Above - Angela is back for the Summer from Patra and is doing a little Frikes volta, as one does when in Frikes, Kioni or Vathy. Angela is Illias wife (seen chilling out above) and Yiannis mum (seen with Teressa and Jessica on pg 7) Her life obviously agrees with her. Angela is looking great!
The Australians are coming
Above - Niko has been studying Hairdressing in Athens over the past year, but is spending his summer break on Ithaca. On his first couple of days here, he had a spill on his motor bike and carried around some nasty wounds on his face. He's all pretty again now and working his shift at Spavento Bar in Kioni where he has a way of charming the customers with his humour and easy manner.
Did I say coming? They're here
Wed 29 June - Above - Anastasia is here from Melbourne, staying in her Ithacan family home in Stavros. It's been over 6 years since she was last here on the island
Above - Con and Loula are also here from Melbourne with their friends (Below Left) John and Denise. They're off again soon traveling through Greece and then back to Ithaki to spend some time with the relatives. Loula Vlass is one of the writers of Ithacan Recipes, Australia Memories.
Above - John and Denise come to Ithaca with their Ithacan connection Con and Loula. They enjoy dinner and good company at Symposium Restaurant, Frikes
Below - L - R - Margarita, Kassiani and Rena. 3 Raftopoulos women coming back for their annual Summer sojourn on the island. Kassiani Raftopoulos is the late Stathis Raftopoulos, Ithacan Poets', wife coming back to where memories abound with her daughter and grand daughter.
Above - (L) Tania and Aunt Toni (R) are here from, guess where?? Oh no! Not Melbourne, Australia too? Toni has brought Tania along while she visits her sister Kathy and Kathys' husband Phillipas and son Aggeli from Platrithia.
Row Row Row your boat...
Left - Annali Bamber Jones has been sailing into Ithaki for about 3 years as skipper of a Neilson Flotilla. Her large fleet gives her plenty to do.
The Flotilla crew acquaint everyone with Frikes and the island on the Pier. Yachts were docked 3 out on all sides of the bay. A busy night for the restaurants and Bars. There's no turning back, it's the end of June and the Summer rush in inevitable.
Many bronzed people in shorts and with lots of hair
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